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So there is a senior at my school and one of my best friends is friends with her. She's engaged and her fiancé is I to DDlg and she's not... So me, her, my friend, and on other friend were hanging out this weekend and I went into my headspace and I wouldn't listen to my other friends but she kinda took over and handled me VERY well in my headspace. And I know that sometimes littles have a mommy and a daddy and I wish I wasn't four years younger than her cause I would really enjoy entering a relationship like that with her and her fiancé but I feel like they wouldn't want to and I wouldn't know how to bring it up... Edited by 4yroldprincess
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You are probably right, especially if she's not into ddlg or that they don't want a 3rd wheel ddlg dynamic right now as they would rather focus to mature their own relationship dynamics, if not only for the good of your friendships. But if you must, be very respecful, you can bring it up with that "care giver" that handled you.. thank her & ask her how she felt about having to handle you. Edited by Braddy
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