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How do I find a daddy?


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I know this question is a little stupid but I'm shy and a little nervous about it being wide known that I'm a little or submissive or whatever you wanna call me. So any tips on how to find a daddy/ Dom? I'm clueless and wanna know if there are any good methods
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Guest Ugh whatever

There used to be a thread with all the links, but it's gone now. I'll post some resources you can use here. I saved these links from the thread which was deleted. Just FYI, you can also post a personal in the personals subforum right here on this forum. :)


 Daddy ~ Girl Relationships


Daddy Doms and Babygirls


Daddy-lilgirl/babygirl relationships


https://fetlife.com/groups/13383 age play personals










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 Your question isn't a stupid one. Unfortunately the answer is probably what you expect... Patience, putting yourself out there by talking with people, being active and positive in the community. Which could be advice for relationships in general. You should keep joining websites catered to DD/lg and talk with people but also see if there are any local groups in your area. Fetlife is a good resource for finding munches and events as well as finding new friends. It can be a little intimidating and scary for some people but overall it is a great tool.

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There are some subreddits you could also check out. And fetlife is actually becoming an "onlyfans" promotion channel. So check also out fetish.com or apps like KinkeD. I wrote a while ago an article about how to find the right daddy domthis as many littles are having troubles understanding the DDLG dynamic and what they should be looking for. 

I would really advise you to get your expectations straight and look for the right things in your daddy. What should he be like, what is "in scope" or what is "out of scope" and how would you like to be in such a dynamic. For a little it is always hard to actually find proof and find the right daddy as there are many men out there which will of course say anything to you just to get you. So always stay safe and use the Safety Guide here on this forum.


1) Understand your kinks, wishes and also IMPORTANT your limits
2) Go through different channels and see where you feel best and where you feel the "vibe"
3) Be slow and don't let you rush into things
4) Test the person with questions or their intentions with little things
5) Never forget to have fun. Being careful doesn't mean to give every man/daddy/dom the feeling that he is a raper and that everyone wants to kill you. Be careful but stay respectful.

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