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Im a newbie daddy, and thought maybe a thread for links could be helpful. anything that you have found around the internet that might be useful to someone new to ddlg. im looking around myself so i'll be back with some links. 

im also completely new to this site, so if this is covered somewhere else let me know :)

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Hello and welcome to the site =D Fetlife is another site that caters to fetishes, BDSM, and generally kinky things. It is also a wealth of information for MANY things. Here is a HUGE post on different DD/lg, C/l, ABDL groups: https://fetlife.com/groups/14985/group_posts/457098
And I'm not trying to rock the boat here with the mods but here is a good resource as well: http://the-ddlg-world.tumblr.com/resources

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