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Little Personality Test


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I have to get to work in just a few minutes, so I'm going to have to make this quick.


I'm working on making a personality test for littles, something like the 16 type Myers-Briggs test, but focusing on your little space personality. I hope to have the beta testing version up on the next two days or so.


But I want four sets of two competing traits, and I haven't settled on which traits yet. The ones I've been considering are:


Playmate / Loner - do you like to play with other littles, or keep it to just you and your caregiver?

Innocent / Naughty - is little space sexual for you, or non-sexual?

Little / Middle - do you fit more into the mindset of a child or a teenager?

Child / Animal - do you fit more into the mindset of a child or an animal?

Good / Bratty - do you enjoy being well behaved or bratty?

Dreamer / Toy Player (bad name, I know) - do you prefer imaginative play or object play?


I want to narrow this down to four sets, but I'm not sure which sets are best. Are there better sets that I haven't thought of yet? Please let me know what you think.

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Oh wow, thanks. That's about what I decided as well.


I'm taking a little bit longer with this than I had expected, because there aren't a lot of sites that allow you to make a test as complicated as this, so I'm going to have to code it myself. I hope to finish up soon though. :)

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