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Daddy's who are actually Dads?


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My Daddy is a great upstanding citizen and father. We have children together. Before the babies came, we were Dd/lg without knowing it. On the second trip he took to my state, he brought a bull whip, so we've been kinky for a very long time ........but Nothing needs to/ should Ever\ affect the kids. They do not know about the darker parts of Dd/lg, any or ANY kinky things that go along with this dynamic. The older child knows that her father is 16 years older, and that he loves his family. They may notice that he is very tender and caring with their mom.

So the biggest thing in our relationship is Time. Time to be little with him. Because it has to be after the children are asleep.

It can be hard sometimes... but every couple wants more time together after the babies come.

He's a great Father, and a Great Daddy-- !in the pure sense!--...and also a great Daddy to me.

You can do both.

Kids come first... But couples have to make time for themselves as well.

I wish you the best of Luck.♡♡♡

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I am a father and that wouldn't upset a relationship, although I would want my girl out of little space for sexual stuff as it just wouldn't seem right to me. Other than that I see no bad effects to a ddlg relationship
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Guest BugBug

I personally think both littles and caregivers have a much deeper understanding of each others needs then non parents (or people who havent been involved with children).

From personal experience ive never felt safer or more understood then when ive had a daddy who has had to look after real children.

Sexually I see nothing wrong with a little who enjoys sex in little space that's their choice. Aslong as we are all responsible for our own actions and not breaking a law or hurting one another its each to their own.

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Guest RedDragon
I have a child nearing teens and I love being a father. Unfortunately for me, I have yet to have a Dd/lg relationship. But I do think it has played a big part in preparing me to be a Daddy. I don't think it will pose a problem for me, partly because he's a great kid, and partly because I'm a great father:) And also because I know that the responsibility of both my child and my baby girl is mine, and I love being responsible for the well being of another. I guess that's why I'm drawn to Dd/lg!
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