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Little outings


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Guest AmberDoll

Picnics are always the best and you can go to amazing beautiful sights for free and buy some cheap yummy snacks and just lounge out in nature it's super fun and you can get cheap activity's to do as well like get some bubbles to blow together or a book for him to read to you or maybe a frisbee or even waterguns or bat mitten!

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Guest sweetbabibunny

My Daddy and I like going for walks, but since your Daddy doesnt like the outdoors, I like going to Goodwill, or thrift stores! They sometimes even have cute cute stuffies for less than a dollar lol.

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Guest PrincessBree
Maybe you can stay at home and cuddle and watch a Disney movie? Or get a board game and pway together? Me and daddy do those a bunch ^~^
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If you're going to stay indoors....hide and seek is fun. Build a Fort to play in. Watch little movies like Aladdin. Finger paint. Make a snack together. Play with stuffies at a tea party. Play dress up. Put on a show with puppets. Color together. Blow bubbles. Play word games or fill in the blank games. I spy. Read books to each other. Make up stories. Lay blankets out everywhere and get a pile of pillows to jump in. Play board games....


That's all I can come up with right now, hope something helps!

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Lazer tag? Bowling? They both cost money of course but nothing tooooo crazy just once in a while.. My Daddy took me to Dave & busters once in the arcade. Super inexpensive for a few games, and I came home with an adorable little toy prize. :D Doesn't get much better than that.


You could also just set a 15 dollar budget or something and spend the day thrifting for littles clothes and stuff, or exploring the toy store.. Fun!

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