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So I was wondering what is aftercare. My daddy and I have just got into a DDlg relationship though we have been in a relationship for five years now. We have yet to set up any real rules or anything. I want to set up an aftercare set of rules or something but I don't really know what it is so would anyone be willing to explain what aftercare is and if you have some what they are
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BDSM (which overlaps DD/lg because of discipline, dominance and submission) can often leave a sub feeling very weak, vulnerable, and even sad (due to the drop in endorphins) afterward. This is commonly known in the community as 'sub drop'. 


Aftercare is basically anything that helps the sub with those negative feelings. It will likely vary by sub, so you should ask yourself what helps you when you're feeling like that? Do you want to cuddle, or color, or watch Disney movies, or take a hot bath?

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Guest LavanderRabbit

So with aftercare, it's mostly something needed after high levels of sexual activities. I do think it's needed for more than just BDSM relationships. After you finish you can be left with a high like feeling and kind of numb. It's important to let your body down easy off of this high. Which in most cases is why people cuddle and have coffee or a smoke after sex. It's needed more so in the BDSM relationships to care for possible injuries (Like when they get a little too rough or you have bruises and markings) as well as emotional support for when the high comes down. There are different ways to handle aftercare and it's very important to do so or both the D and s can feel horrible after and not so happy. It's also something that can help the relationships bond. A good way to spot a bad Dominant or a "Fuckboy", (Unless they are completely new to it) is they have no intention of doing any sort of aftercare.

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