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little safe haven in the Rave world

Big Red

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Brief history leading up to current events: The acid house movement in the west states brought about the term "rave" which flourished worldwide in a underground scene of dance music in the 80s. Come the 90s, Australia takes house music and speeds it up creating gabba, hardcore and happyhardcore which is brought back to the states and produced for warehouse parties and spontaneous dancing events called "flash raves". By the turn of the century we have guys in baggy parachute pants(ufos) and girls in large legged jeans(phat pants) totting along with visors and various colorful accessories like  hello kitty backpacks. This brought about the  earlier form of the "kandi kid".


Today a kandi kid can be quickly identified in a rave scene by looking at their arms and clothing. Typically strung up in colorful beaded bracelets and accessories called Kandi, as well wearing childish colorful clothing. Energetic and forward, these "kids" trade their bracelets to others in a form of meeting and friendship often reffering to the meaning of "plur"(Peace, love, unity, respect). This is the new age Kandi Kid.

http://i.imgur.com/2t9enNQ.jpg The Kandi trade involves a handshake where you touch finger tips in a peace sign, half heart, full hand, then grip to trade kandi.


This is a early development of the raver, socializing before becoming involved with dancing or some for of toy play(hooping, poi, gloving, ect) Some pass this stage after several months, others keep their arms cluttered in childish toys strung up to beaded bracelets. Because the ideal of unity and respect is put in peoples mind the rave scene becomes less judgmental or rather over exposed to different styles and accepts these kids for who they are.


Some move onto other forms of display, one popular form of sub dance and play for rave girls is Hooping, that old hoola hoop your mothers did in the 70? It back! Sometimes with LED lights infused, hooping becomes a artform for the rave world.


The concepts of cuteness, colors and a different fashion have entered the mainstream rave venues. Dancing to the fast paced energetic music like happy hardcore, a favorite among kandi kids. friendly, childish, and cute, the forms of a kandi kid have a lot of correlations to littles by style and preferences itself, but there is more.


To keep a flow of movement some engage in enhancements to keep themselves moving, be it caffeinated drinks, alcohol, or more popular, drugs.. Ecstasy, molly, and k, along others have unfortunately become a norm. However due to this one accessory that is most notable had moved there as well, the pacifier! Because various substances makes one grind their teeth, gum, or a pacifier are often used to prevent teeth grinding. This became a trend in later years and another accessory to the kandi kid, often using these simply for style and something else to do. often strapped around their necks.



The kandi kid grew to resemble something that you might consider a little, separate from the bdsm community but growing in its own form. The playful activities, cute and colorful clothing, and child like accessories all share a extremely close correlation to the concepts of a little!


Because the rave scene is a very open and welcoming place, its not hard to think that this would be a easier place for littles to gather in a more public appearance. Because ravers are very use to these kids, its more of a standard norm to see a few floating about.

With the combination of the rave world and the bdsm community, a different form of little play is put into place in area that's not behind closed doors. This perhaps is a better safe haven then many for littles to come out and express themselves without the fear of judgement and awkwardness.



The kandi kid is in some way a form of a little if at least. Sometimes with a big or caregiver, sometimes without. Its worth mentioning that this community has a backing dating many years that is already in social standings and out in the open with the mainstream rave and festival movements. This indeed could become a great safe haven to littles to converse and play openly in public without judgement~

((All photos are done by myself))

Edited by Big Red
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Wow, this a super interesting topic, Big Red! I've always been interested in rave culture, mostly 80s rave, but I hadn't been on the up-and-up of current rave culture. Thanks for posting this.
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I partied in the Toronto rave scene back in the late 90's when I was a kid... And I always did appreciate the vibrance and lovely prettiness of kandi kids Edited by JT33
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I love my rave scene!!! I was a kandi kid and then went to hardstyle with phatpants live the scebe with my husky spirithood!
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The more community rave festivals(NOT like edc) have littles doing activities together like kandi making, coloring sessions, bubble blowing, face paint. While some Bigs do things like sex seminars or flogging sessions in bdsm theme camps. Its rather interesting how accepting random people are of this simply because its rave culture.

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Guest pearlpizza22

I've been looking into this, and i really love the style and culture. I dont think i would enjoy a super big rave though, i'd have to work myself up. 

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That is so cool! I always think these like these sound so fun! I just can never find out where to find one? Some help?
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