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Making up Stories for your little


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Now, let me preface this post by saying that I’m no literary master, or novelist. What I do have is imagination. Even if you don’t have a great imagination, or think that you’re not creative enough, you can still make up stories for your little, a lot of times, right on the spot. The main goal is to have fun, and even if you get stuck at certain points, your little can help with the story, and make it even more fun for the both of you. In this post, I hope to give some helpful ideas that I use where telling stories.


Firstly, I love telling stories, especially bedtime stories. It’s one of my favorite things to do with a little and I feel it’s very rewarding. To me the greatest compliment during a bedtime story is if I look up from the book, and she’s asleep. Mission Accomplished. Now I particularly enjoy making up stories for my little, specifically catered to her. I tried it once, and discovered I really enjoyed it. If you’re planning on making up your own stories, your little will love this even more than just being read to. Making up stories for your little can seem like a daunting task, but remember the goal! Have fun! It’s ok to goof up, or get stuck. You’re only human. The important thing is that your little sees just how much you care, to take the time to do this.


Ok, so when I make up a story, I always keep in mind that making up a story is a lot like Jazz music. You need a loose structure, with plenty of room for improvisation. You have to be able to change things up during the story, and not be afraid to make a mistake. More often than not, any mistake you make will go unnoticed by your little. If you’re not having fun doing it, then you need to take a step back and rethink the whole purpose of you doing it in the first place. This should never be a stressful event.


Know your little.

The more you know about your little, the easier it will be. Likes and dislikes, favorite colors, animals, etc. All of this can be incorporated into the story. This will truly make it custom tailored for your little, and it will be very special, and mean a great deal to them.


Your Little is the Focal Point

Make the story revolve around your little. Whether your story is one of romance or adventure or both, make sure they are involved. Sometimes the little can be the hero, sometimes the one being saved! Stories that involve the two of you working as a team are also very good. I particularly like to include any favorite stuffies they have into the action as well!


The structure

The structure of the story is the main thing to get figured out ahead of time. There are some key components you need. You’ll need the main character(s) or protagonist(s), and you’ll need and antagonist or bad guy. This can be one thing, or a group of bad guys. For now, I’ll say the bad guys are evil goblins. If your little is the hero, then you’ll need a victim, or someone the bad guys are being mean to. This can be innocent forest creatures, or maybe even her stuffie! Maybe the stuffie was kidnapped by evil goblins! Oh my! The rest of the story almost works like a Mad Lib, where you just fill in the empty spots in the story. Just be sure to nail down the important parts, and make up the rest. Remember to use your little’s tastes and likes as a guide. The more you tailor the story for your little, the better it will be.



Use humor in your story. Almost every one I’ve ever told has some sort of comic relief in it. If you can get your little to laugh or giggle, you’re doing it right. I like to have someone (usually me) get bonked on the head, or trip and fall in something gross. You get the point.



Here are just some fun examples of stuff you can use. Get those creative juices flowing!


Your Little loves unicorns, the color purple, and magic:


Now by having a golden magic horn, she can summon a giant purple unicorn to fight beside her. It shoots lighting

from its horn!!


Your Little’s favorite stuffie is in the story.


Now the stuffie is a super kung fu master, and can beat up multiple enemies!


Your little likes bunnies, and baby animals:


The helpless forest bunnies are being kidnapped by evil goblins and need to be saved!


Your little has a favorite piece of jewelry you gave her:


She now has a magical ring or whatever that can stop time, or make her invisible!


The possibilities are really endless. Practice making things up in your head. Keep in mind that the main goal is to spend quality time with your little, and that the stories can be long or short or somewhere in between. Have fun with it! Use a lot of description words. You’re trying to paint a picture in your little's head of what’s happening. Don’t be afraid to let your little help with the story!


The end result, no matter what your story is, is that you and your little spent good quality time together, and that’s what they will remember. That is so important.


Please feel free to add to this any ideas you may have, or input in the comments. Happy story telling!!!


-Dave Is Metal

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Quality post right here. Can't tell you how many times a little has asked for a story and I had to stop and think to come up with a good one haha.

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That is such a good idea Dave. Also good when the daddy doesn't want to read for the 1000000 time the fav. storie of the little. :D

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I don't feel helpful in saying this, but thanks for this post. I appreciate it. I can't wait til Daddy puts this new information to the test! I love, love, love stories :D

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