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Little 101 Help


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Hello everyone!


So I'm a new little and I have some questions.


I'm trying to put together a kind of "Little Girl" care package for myself. SO I would like some ideas of people's favourite "little" items.


I currently have; lalaloospy dolls, MLP colouring books, a blankie, a pile of stuff animals and one little friend in person.


I'm also wondering what kind of music "little's" listens to? Is it just nursery music?


Or how about fun games to download to your tablet or phone? Something to do to help calm your inner "Little".


I know its different for everyone and I know I'm still trying to figure out what kind of "little girl" I am. I know a lot of it for me depends on the partner for me.


I also had an idea that came into my brain the other day and would like your opinion on. I know a lot of little's can't get. Together because of distance and the fact we're all over the world. So I was wondering about using skype or other video messengers to have play dates online. Any thoughts?


Pleases, any notes or suggestions are welcome. I realize this topic has probably been posted before but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming for me to keep going between pages/topics trying to find the info I want.


Thanks for your help everyone!


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Okay. Just for notation, I am a very sassy little but I'm not bratty. I'm outdoorish but I do love stuffies and what not. Overall I'm a tomboy little! ^~^ I age regress to 3-5. So that that into consideration as I give you my suggestions, as my litte persona may be very different then yours.


As I look threw my DDlg drawer my things include:

-a plethora of adult paci's in white and blue

-a white tutu

-bug catchers

-rainbow sneaker laces


-hair clips and bows


-a bike :3 which isn't in the drawer but it's fun


So do with that standard list what you will. As for music in little space I adore the love pop station on spotifly. I feel it gets me really lovey and cuddly for with my Daddy returns home. <3


I have had a handful of Skye play dates! They are so fun! I adore showing off my favorite toys and my little attir and what not.


As for games..hm. I'm not one to sit still long enough. It can take me up to three weeks to finish a coloring page! Although I am a sucker for peppa pig <3 which you can find the episodes on youtube ^~^

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Guest itsbabygirlbean

I love Lalaloopsy!!!


I have my dolls ( Lalaloopsy, Monster High, Ever After High, and MLP Equestria Girls). I also have a My Life doll named Rowan ( a picture of her is in my signature!). I adore coloring, stickers. I have some hair bows and some pacis even though I don't use my pacis often. I also have stuffies and some Little books.


App-wise, I have Lalaloopsy apps and a Dr Seuss app that reads you stories( or you can record someone reading them to you! )

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Guest missamylittle

I was thinking maybe you could get cute keychains, sparkly stickers, really girly things and anything with sparkles. And Im a middle so my first choice in music would be any bubble gum pop music! 

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Guest pearlpizza22

theres online sites thaat can help you sync up movies with a different person who's watching them far away. I like princess movies, or really any disney movies

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Guest missamylittle

Those are creative ideas. Thanks. Are getting sisters normal?



Stickers? I don't know if its normal, but i love them! :D

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Daddy says when we move into our own apartment I can have whatever I want, so I guess I'll just write some ideas here haha

-A little space outfit (usually I just sit in my panties xD)

- pacis and lots of them

-monster high dolls (close to your lalaloopsy)

-All my stuffies (I have thirty)

Daddy's also says maybe I can have my own play room! So if that fit into a box id totally include it haha

As for music, when I'm in little space I listen to monster high soundtracks a lot. Like a lot a lot

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