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Alternative swear words


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Son of a Batch of Cookies - this is one of my favs.

Butterscotch - you will notice a food theme here, lol

Cracker jacks


Flipping Flapjacks


I know more but the words all deopend on the person I think.

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Lol. I just use real swear words. Alternative ones don't get my anger or feelings out enough. I was brought up not to swear as a child and as I got older I grew to love swear words. My favourite swear words are always the most offensive ones. Oops.
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My aunt uses "cheese and rice!" And I've seen "oh mice!" in books before. Cockney rhyming slang tends to make for "clean" swear words.

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Guest pearlpizza22

i say a lot of "heck" and instead of using bad words for insults i say whatever things come to my mind first. (usually very dumb things but good for insults if youre angry)

"dumb head"

"nerd head"

"inconveniently placed door"

"whisker biscuit"

"fish sniffer"


"stupid head"

"gargoyle nose"

"wart mouth"


i have a good imagination i guess

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I don't know if this is "little" so much as "old timey" but I have always really liked "cheese and rice" as a substitute for "Jesus Christ". I'm not religious or anything I just love the absurdity of yelling out "Cheese and rice!" in anger or frustration.

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Meany head

That's probably the only one I use, usually I swear at daddy and get in trouble. I guess it depends on what you constitute as a swear cause I can't call people jerks or stupid or idiot or retarded.

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