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Little Help for this Little Girl


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This little needs a little help. I'm getting very lonely and starting to lose hope that I will be able to find a Daddy/Mommy.


I can make friends and have my personal ad viewed but no one is taking any interested. I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. I seriously want some help to figure this out.


I know my personal situation is tricky and that putting it out there to begin is probably one of the reason why people don't take an interest but I have to be honest. I'm so sick and tired of falling for a person and then having them dump me after they find out about my problems.


I just don't know what to think anymore. I'm wondering if I even deserve a Daddy/Mommy. I swear I more positive than this most of the time but its just getting to me.


I swear I have tried most solutions. I have done edits on my profile, got involved in the chat, and posted on the forums in multiple subjects.


Please help me understand. Thanks.


Love and hugs everyone.

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I haven't been following Personals the past few days, but I took a look at yours right now. I can tell you that there isn't anything "wrong" with you. Your disabilities aren't off-putting, at least to me -- all of us have disabilities of some kind or another -- I'm ADHD, for example. The only thing that would turn me off of you would be the relationship status -- but that's just me. I know there are Daddies who would see that as a good thing, as they're in similar relationships of their own.


All I can say is, be patient. These things can take time. Sometimes people can look for years before finding the relationship for them. It probably won't take that long for you, but give it more than a few hours. ;)

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Hello there,

Just give it a little more time. I'm sure that the right daddy is on his way!!!

You're not doing anything wrong, and the person who is going to treat you like the princess you are will appear soon. Just don't try to rush the things, and don't think that you don't deserve a daddy. You do. And the honesty and positive energy you put in your post and profile speaks for yourself!!!

I hope that person appears soon :heart:

many hugs.

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Guest missamylittle

You deserve a mommy/daddy. Your issues do not make you a bad person or an unworthy person. All you need is to find the right person for you, and it'll happen when you least expect it. Which is exciting, but annoying if you're waiting. Something else to keep in mind is when you and a potential mommy/daddy are building bonds in the beginning stages, maybe you could tell them about your struggles ahead of time, before emotions and attachment increase and before the relationship becomes concrete. This way you might be able to spare the heart ache in the along run. But stay strong, and know that someone special is waiting for you. <3 I wish you the best.  :heart:

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Hiya. I just dug through and found your personal ad. I would be honest if I saw anything that seemed a little off, or would scare me away or something... but I don't at all. There are lots of like minded people out there and on here. The issue, I think, is just that we are all spread so far apart! Daddies and littles are obviously not the majority lol. While there would be plenty of fish in the sea within minutes on match.com or other vanilla sites... we are fishing in itty bitty ponds, few and far between across the world. I have had the same problem finding friends! But someone will find you. <3 Don't lose hope. It's only a matter of time.
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Thank you that was really sweet of you to say. I guess I was just having an insecure moment.
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