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Kind of lonely and feeling weird after moving countries/continents


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Soooo...I've been living in Europe for the past 2 going on 3 years and for some reason I have not met a single little that I could have play dates and stuff with...I had a group of little friends back in the bay area in California but the e-mails are getting less and less and making me a very sad, hollow pumpkin - serious jack-o-lantern vibes going on here ;(

I feel like the people I've met who say they're into dd/lg are more abdl which is not really my thing. I've gone to a lot of events in Germany but again the people there are mostly diapered and looked at me weirdly or tried to get me into diapers too.


I'm just really missing the play dates or even just a little penpal...I think when I first got here, there was a penpal thread but I can't seem to find it anymore...


Anyways sorry for the rambling and stuffs, I am just curious what your experiences are. Can you maybe relate? And what do you do when you feel lonely even though your Daddy/Mommy is there?


*happy wave*


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I totally, totally relate. I moved the opposite way -- from the UK to North Carolina to be with my Daddy. Unfortunately, due to visa troubles, we can't move back to the UK any time soon. The place I'm living at the moment is so remote it's ridiculous; it sometimes doesn't show up on maps. I usually have to put the name of the nearest city into forms, which is itself an empty shell of a place with nothing but fast food restaurants. I really miss living in a real city and having lots of friends. I try to keep in touch with my friends from England, but understandably they're all busy having lives of their own. I just try to take my mind off of things by reminding myself that it isn't forever, and that there's probably plenty of little friends out there just waiting for me if I can find them. I'm also lucky in that I found out recently that one of my friends is also a little, but she lives hundreds of miles away. At least we get to send each other letters and chat online.


Hang in there, you're not alone! :3

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