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Is it odd to want this?


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Soooo I have found it increasingly difficult to connect with people due to two main reasons: My age fluctuates and I am a switch so this leads me to a question. Instead of looking for a cg/daddy is it odd if I want something of a babysitter like role? I like the idea because


1. It doesn't have to be full time

2. it's No strings attached in terms of love, but you can still form a huge friendship

3. Both parties can get the fulfilling experience either just starting out (Like me) or being in that CG position...



So am I odd for thinking/wanting this?

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No actually you're not odd.

I've heard of a few relationships like this and for some they seem to work very well.

One piece of advise if you want to get into this type of relationship, be up front with all of your expectations.

The times relationships like this work the best is when every one involved is honest with how they feel.

I've heard regular emotional and expectational check ins are all so good.  

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I see. Okay. I think this might work easier since my schedule and likes can be different day to day. Plus with my dom side it migjt help
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