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A nesting new Daddy Imagines bedtime with future LDR little


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I starting writing this, at about 4:30am just about a hour ago, so please be gentle critiquing my grimmer.   <--- Ha, the last one is on purpose. :p

I didn't mean for it to be a poem, but some of it ended up rhyming anyway.


Imagining what Will...



I will put you to bed my little, if possible every night.

So if we are LDR,  We will probably use Skype.


I will read your favourite bedtime stories, no cams, just my voice, soothing you to sleep.

I will keep reading till you say, "I'm sleepy, goodnight Daddy" or until I hear, that you are actually asleep.


If I am lucky, you will start snoring, loudly or not,

I will cherish every snort, yawn and sniffle.

Such restful little zzzzzzz's, will always be sweet music to my ears.


I will pause to enjoy the moment, while listening to you sleep.

My happiness will flow freely, knowing that for now, my little is content and fast asleep.


Nothing feels better then caring for my little, with love, unconditionally.

My happy sleeping little brings bliss to my mind, my body, my soul.


"Sleep tight" I will whisper, before I hang up, bringing our moment to an end.

I will be smiling, happy, hopeful, knowing tomorrow, if my little wants to, I will do it again.





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Guest cookie_crumble_princess

Wow, well done! This is extremely sweet and loving. well put together and written. 

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Oh that is so sweet. I imagine you feeling like a good daddy when she is safely sleeping from hearing your voice.
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