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Has having children made you a better daddy/little?

Guest AvatarMew

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Guest AvatarMew

I was just wondering those who have children, has it made you  a better daddy/little?  I think it would as it gives you experience on what it's like to be a real daddy/how children act.

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My daughter has taught me a lot. She brought patience, compassion, gentleness, discipline, process and many other qualities that I needed to develop in my life.


If that can make a better Daddy, then I say yes.

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Guest BugBug

Absolutely! As a little with achild it gives me the chance to be little more, to understandrsatnd my little side further and I can really apprecaite how hard it can be to be a caregiver etc.

The daddies ive dated with no experience of kids have actually been a massive let down to be honest.

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It's hard to be little when you have to be the voice of reason. ;) But we have a lot of fun together. Sometimes I get to tag along to all of their birthday parties, get face paint, balloons, etc and no one thinks too much of it. We build blanket forts and play and have wonderful talks - I believe that's because I always understand exactly how they are feeling. Every time my Daddy runs out because someone is crying he's like "what happened??" And I'll come out and say "she's okay it's just that Mr.Cuddles fell off the bike and now look he's all dirty." Hahaha. I think being a little has definitely made me a better parent.


Does it go the other way? I'm not sure honestly. Sometimes it's really hard. You definitely have to learn to take a backseat sometimes. Not let it get to you when the waitress gives all the other little people coloring and stickers except you.. Christmas morning!.. the way other family members act.. and then of course they are physically so young that they do get out of control - so you have to be the disciplinary figure too.


It's a complicated balance. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. :)

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