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how do i tell my partner im a little?


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ive recently gotten a partner and i dont know how to tell him im a little, i guess there have been hints? any help would be great!!

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Guest LavanderRabbit

Well I would slowly start to show more of a little side if you're comfortable about it and eventually explain the DD/lg dynamic before jumping straight into "I'm into this" because I've found often times people freak out. If they are familiar with BDSM and into it, it might be a bit easier to explain. It's definitely going to be an anxiety fill conversation, but they dynamic isn't really considered normal to most vanillas.

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I definitely agree to take it slow and feel him out. If you do,lots of little things, and he's fine with it, that's a great sign. It can be easy to overwhelm someone with this, mostly due to the stigma that unfortunately follows the lifestyle. If he is open to the idea take it slow, and find middle ground you both can agree on, and build from there.
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