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Growing up, but not wanting to


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Hi... This is a very sad topic for me. As you may/may not have seen in my other post, I have once before talked about being abandoned. I have again, and I'm not sure how much more I can take. I love being a little SO much... But lately I've felt more and more... Big. I haven't been in little space in days! Not because I don't want to be, but because I CAN'T. I try so hard, but the sadness of being lonely hurts too much, and I'm unable to go into/ stay in little space. I don't know if it doesn't help that I'm a switch, but in dealing with this, I've almost given up. I was even collared this time.... My mommy came back. Then left in the blink of an eye. I sorry to bother you all with this yet agin but, any advice? Edited by Boodrow10
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I am so sorry Boodrow :(

what happen with ppl leaving huh???? 

I think that person was not a real mommy, that collar was not as meaningful for her as it was for you!!! >:(

I have read here that many littles enter into little space easily when they are sad, depressed or lonely. 

It seems that for you and me is totally the opposite. In my case, I go into little space when I'm happy, cheerful. I know your situation is difficult, but I think you should try to get a nice warm cup of milk tea, try to relax the most you can, think about the good stuff that is about to come, do not think in the past. Put on some cartoons and hope for the best, look forward for the right person. Maybe that will lift your spirit and get you into little space.

The more you get stuck into thinking about that evil person that left or the bad things in the world, the more difficult it will be to enter the space. :( that happens to me.


I wish you the best.

Many hugs x

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Lots of littles go through this -- you're not alone! In times of grief and upset, it diminishes our ability to enjoy things, and "little space" is usually associated with a good frame of mind. However, think about this: maybe little you needs to let out your sadness and anger too. Little you is crying and hiding because it hurts, and maybe you need to let it hurt. Draw an angry picture, then rip it up. Cry with your stuffies. Comfort yourself with snuggles and snacks.


You're gonna be okay. <3

Edited by Sunny
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Guest LavanderRabbit

Turn to little friends for comfort, most of us are very caring and people in chat will almost always be willing to offer a shoulder to cry on. Comfort yourself and do some self after care for awhile. It's okay to feel bigger from time to time. It's kind of normal. I used little space to cope with anxiety and stress, the smaller the little age the more stressed I am. So snuggle up and cry with your stuffies, comfort yourself. We are here for you and it's okay to cry.

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