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A little idea to remind your little she's a little

Daddy 2021

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Have her sit in the back seat of your car. Safety experts recommend that children under the age of 13 sit in the back seat due to the risk that airbags present. 


Any other little ideas like this one?

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When making your little lunch cut up their sandwich into "fingers" or quads before serving it to them.
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Guest LavanderRabbit

Cutting up their dinner for them (I don't prefer this but when my little friend is over I always cut up her meat and such). Not letting them dress themselves. Helping them in the shower/bath (i.e. washing their hair and keeping soap out of their eyes) Sometimes using kids products like shampoo/ conditioner, toothpaste, detangler, mouth wash, hair brushes, ect. (I use a care bear little tooth brush because I have sensitive teeth and a small mouth. I also use a watermelon detangler because my hair gets nappy and I use it on Daddy sometimes too) Not letting them turn on the flame to the stove or turning on the oven. (Fire bad, you'll hurt yourself) Making sure they don't cut things up and you do it so they don't cut themselves on accident. Giving safety scissors instead of bigger ones for cutting something. Opening their toys for them (Because it's a pain sometimes and to much work for the little). Chore charts with rewards. Kids ways of doing chores (Like when they sweep the kitchen the dirt goes on one tile outlined with tape and the caregiver has to sweep it into the dust pan and the laundry folding board) Restricted TV/Internet times. A set bed and bath time. Small projects that some kids would do in school (Like science fair presentations and stuff like this, it's a good way to relearn stuff inf you aren't in school and fun to do. I've asked daddy to get a couple children's math work books so I can get a little better at it and he gives me assignments to do) A set homework and reading time is always good too.

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I love the sitting in the back seat idea. One that I've used is a strict eat-only-at-the table rule.
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This is so adorable, things I never thought of. Love it!

Surprising your little with bows or hair stuff its always cute. Like little clips and headbands.

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Daddy makes me feel like a little so easily. He just holds me, kisses me all over, especially my forehead. Forehead kisses make me melt and feel like a little. And when daddy lightly scratch-tickles my back and play with my hair... 


I have always been embarrassed but I want Daddy to bathe me and wash my hair... Brush my hair...


When he opens twist off bottle tops for me because I'm too little... I love when he just calls me babygirl it makes me feel like a true little. And snuggles. These are all good things to remind a little he/she is your little!!!

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Some more activities:


- helping them do up shoe laces and coat buttons

- managing their purse/pocket money when out shopping

- require they seek permission to use the bathroom/potty

- face painting (and body painting)

- playing dress up

- having them sit in caregivers lap

- giving a piggyback ride

- hold their hand when crossing the road

- ordering their food at restaurants



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Here's a few random ideas... and sure-fire methods.


Making dinner in little plates

Baking dory/frozen/mermaid cookies

Surprise notes/messages... offline especially.


Blanket and box forts

Bubble baths

Craft projects

Let them pick a movie... but the remote may be complicated.


Surprise shopping trips/gifts... no matter how small or big.


Bedtime stories

Playing games.. video or board or made up

Being silly and playful.


Surprise swimming or outdoor trips


Picnics/playground... must play with them


Simply put work down and ask them what they want to do.


A full "little day"

Spontaneous celebration... of anything

Simple car rides to nowhere


Teach them something new.... a cheesy magic trick or simple game

Kid jokes and general silliness



Always use little/princess/darling/small

Always offer help and supervise them


Tell them what you expect of them

Simple To-do and chore lists

Pick out clothes as well as dress them.


Visit pet rescue shelters... even if you can't adopt. .. volunteer sometimes maybe.


Always bring drinks in sippycups... ask them where their paci is.


Buy them cute ribbons and help make hair bows etc


Toy section is always worth a cruise and stuffies always a win.

Snow cones in summer, hot chocolate in winter


Always surprise them... any way you can.

Always tell them you love them

Always refer to them as yours... they belong.

Always make them bring a coat/sweater/jacket


Sidewalk chalk/paint... maybe write a message for them to discover.

Write a note on the mirror in soap etc


Try anything new, and remind them eat veggies, take meds, put socks on.


10000 kisses... spankings when bad.. it don't need to be a session... surprise means more sometimes


It don't have to cost money, or be big... the simplest things are giants to our littles.

Get a chance... take a chance. ;)



Sorry for any repeats... may edit more in later.

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