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I'm extremely in love with my little and she's been wanting me to take her virginity and I would if I could but I get so anxious and turned on when we're sexual that I either cum way to quickly or I can't get fully erect...It doesn't bother her but I feel horrible because of the fact that I can't give her that one thing...Any advice?

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Hey louis


The problem is you're too anxious of the deed, you're making too much of a point of it. Stop focussing on that specific act, just enjoy time with her. If you get sexual, just enjoy the things you've always done, pleasure each other with just your hands and mouth, and go with the flow. If you feel like it, slowly move on, but don't make too much of a point of it.

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Chill...If you're anxious tell her...I guarantee she won't be surprised. You only get one chance to take her virginity...Make it a time to remember.

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Breathe. Try talking to her! Explain to her your problems. Maybe that will soothe you a little. And even if it isn't 'perfect' the way they show it in the movies, no biggie! I'm sure practicing will make it better :p Whatever the case, just remember she's your little and she'll love you no matter what!

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You can relax, since you already have a sexual relationship minus vaginal penitration, the rest of it is not all that big of a deal.


I'm not saying that it isn't wonderful but that virginity is a bit if a hype. If its this that makes you anxious try thinking a little less about all the hype such as pain or blood or whatever else. Female virginity aka the hymen is not some barrier that bursts as some believe with penetration, hence why virgins have periods and also can use tampons. If she's fully stimulated before penetration everything will be fine.


The above comment may also help but if that doesn't work do not be discouraged. Regardless of prior ejaculation you can still have a premature experience. Everyone is different.


Its probably a mind over matter thing. Try letting her relax, and not worry about stimulating you so much. Focus on her and you may be able to last a bit longer. If she doesn't want to keep her hands off of you just have a talk with her. Let her know that you want to do this for her and that it pleases you as well. And that there will be plenty of other times that she can have it her way lol.


But most of all take sure she's ready. If she really wants you to be her first she might still be feeling a little nervous and not knowing what to expect.


Hope this helps a little. Just remember its usually a simple case of mind over matter.

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