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About mommy doms


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So im a little/huskiee and been looking for a mommy dom. Im also on fet life and some mommy dom seem really extreme to me. What are most common things from rules to bedroom and then to the extremes.
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Guest LavanderRabbit

This isn't the right spot for this. Re-post in Sex & Health.

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Guest Ginger-Kit22

I suppose I'll answer here and if you do move it or this topic gets locked well.. then that's that.


I'm a Switch, but neither my Little or Mommy side is sexual in nature, plus as a Demisexual, I don't even feel sexual attraction unless certain emotions are present on my end. I'm only saying that because you asked, "What are most common things from rules to bedroom and then to the extremes." and I can only respond with the rules section since I honestly have nothing to do with the bedroom or any type of extremes. The only bit of sexual I got with my last Little was that she'd requested a rule be in place that she had to ask before having 'play time'. I went along with the request, though I honestly got nothing out of her asking. But it made her happy, so I figured why not?


The rules I had in place were quite dependent on what she needed. She had a bedtime (with a few small exceptions), she had to get out and exercise each day in some form, she wasn't allowed sweets unless she asked. She could only drink water or tea, nothing else unless she asked first. She had to clean her room up each day and she had it easy on the weekends. Of course each rule had it's own punishments too, but those were all a little tricky. I used apps on our phones to keep track of 'chores' that needed to be done.

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