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How do you dress as a toddler/babygirl?


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I'm trying to make my daddy happier. But it's hard trying to put together outfits. I'm almost restricted to onsies. Helpp ;c
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Guest LavanderRabbit

There are tons of sites you can find to dress cute. It depends on what you want to wear, but the Fairy Kei fashion might help a bit because it is kind of childish in nature and has a lot of girly aspects.

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I have lots of baby doll style tops I wear, also lots of hello kitty stuff (but am sure you could find other cute characters you like, too!)... Lots of leggings and rights and a cute tutu I made myself(tons of tutorials online)!


I have a HUGE collection of cute hair bows and clips, too!

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Might I suggest overalls? Also, go to a store that sells toddler clothes and just look around. Try to notice what you like and what makes them cute, besides being tiny. Then when you look for clothes for yourself, remember those things and incorporate them into your wardrobe. 

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Guest Space

My choice when Little is either normal clothes(but often without bras, they make me feel too adult and restricted and I just hate them anyway and would always be without them if it were socially accepted), or Onesies Downunder legless onesies with a diaper, or for cold winter days I have two warm long Onepiece onesies and one cheaper&colder long onesie with pictures. My normal clothes often are childish though: I have lots of funny socks and t-shirts which I use whenever I want, wherever I want because they are bought from adults’ normal shops so nobody can say anything :)

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