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New little and kinda nervous..


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So, daddy and I have been in a serious relationship for a while and I just recently discovered that we like having this type of relationship.. I've called him daddy and he has called me kitty for a couple months now.. But now we have a baby girl who just turned a month old yesterday and I was wondering, is it possible to keep up this relationship with a baby? If so, how?..... Any advice would be appreciated..
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Guest AmberDoll

Welcome to the community!~ And about your question if having this lifestyle is possible with a baby/child is Yes! of course it is there are a lot of women on this site who have had children and stayed in this type of relationship! you will be able to let your little self have more fun cause you can buy even more little stuff and watch childrens movies with your kids and do childrens games together there shouldn't be any difference then any other type of thing you're child isn't involved in your bedroom life so it shouldn't matter what you two are into in the bedroom just do what makes you guys happy. and congrats on the baby girl!~  ^_^  :heart:

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Guest CharmBracelet
welcome! i dont have a daddy but i have a son. as AmberDoll said its easy to be able to still go into little space with your little one. even if it is a modified version. cartoons, blankies, stuffies,forts, etc. are all awesome ways to bond with your child and still have little space time. i am also new to the community and i have a modified little space for when i am with my son. but full on little space is literally my own world. i am learning that each of our little spaces are different but no matter what we do we are in our own little worlds. feel free to add me and message me! and congrats on your new bundle of joy!
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