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WOW! The Disney Store Website is having a 50% Off Sale Ends Sunday May 22

Guest Teagan (means little poet)

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Guest Teagan (means little poet)

I just Found out the the Disney Store Website, at least the USA one, is have a 50% off sale on lots of items. So many stuffies and dolls and toys and clothing and room accessories. I'm looking now. Feel free to post about what you find.  I hope lots of us littles can find some fun things.



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Awwww! I wish I had a daddy to buy me Thumper and Miss Bunny :-/


Thanks for alerting us by the way  :)

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Thanks for the tip!~ Ordered a few things just in time^^

There was a bit of a bug where the code did not work for everything, so had to delete and replace the items in the bag, but finally got it to work.

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I got a Marie Tsum Tsum yesterday (daddy bought it for me) but it was from the actual store in my mall. Got it for $8 instead of $12 though so that was nice:)

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