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How to help my Daddy?

Guest raptorkitty

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Guest raptorkitty

Hello, I'm kind of feeling awkward posting this but I read that I should seek out information from the community when I'm not sure what to do.


I've known about the DDlg community for a while now but never searched for a daddy. I've been in relationships but never felt like they fitted my "daddy" preference, therefore I never brought it up. However I recently met someone (7 months ago,) he's exactly what I was looking for in a daddy. He had all the daddy qualities without me telling him about my "kink." I told him 2-3 weeks about about DDlg lifestyle and how I am interested in it. At first, he did a lot of research, and he even made me a reward chart!!! I've written out rules for my daddy and even a "limits chart," of yes's and no's. However.... my daddy has not given me rules to follow by. I understand that he is extremely new at this, which I am completely fine with, I was just wondering how to help my daddy make rules without seeming "pushy." I don't want to feel like I am making him do anything, and it means more if he wants to do it rather than me saying he has to. He also is inconsistent with punishments, is there anything I could do to help him in that aspect too?


Any suggestions? Thank you so much for your time. 

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Guest D@ddyDom

The best thing to do it talk to him about it. I hope you have told him how excited you are to have a reward chart. Explain that you are looking to grow with him in this lifestyle and that one of the things you need is structure and rules. I think you have done a good job by providing your guidelines and limits. Make sure that you express to him that you are dedicated and loyal, his rules are important to this type of relationship.


I would wait to talk with him about the inconsistencies until he has established the rules. Once his guidelines are in place explain to him how important it is to be consistent with the punishments. Make him feel secure that a punishment will not push you away from him and that it will actually bring you closer. Tell him that you want to make sure you stay on track with the relationship and discipline will help in this aspect.


Those are my thoughts. I hope it helps.


Good Luck, I bet you are really excited.

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