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How do you tell others about DDlg?


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I'm curious if people actually discuss DDlg with people that don't identify with this lifestyle, for example your friends and family. Due to the personal nature of DDlg do you find it better to just talk to other members of the community if you had any questions, advice or just wanted to share some aspect of your relationship? 


Or have you ever had to explain yourself in some way because you identified as a caregiver or little?



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I'm so glad you posted this because I've been wondering the exact same thing. My psychiatrist noticed that I seem a lot happier lately and I want to tell him it's because I'm allowing myself to be a Little but I really don't know if I should mention it. Plus if I do bring it up, I'm not even sure what I'd say or how I'd say it. 

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I told a very nice lady friend I met on tender about the DDLG the day I discovered it. After she checked it out she got back to me thanking me for telling her about this wonderful lifestyle. This is what she had been searching for all of her life. Then she promptly dumped me, Saying she needed an experienced caregiver lol.


So the moral of the story is don't tell anybody haha.


Joking aside I would either ask these good people here on the forum or let Google be your friend. In my opinion and that's exactly what it is from what I have read outsiders have a problem with the little girl part of the DDLG lifestyle not understanding what it is really about.

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I only told my two best friends. They had been suspecting it when they accidentally  saw a sheet of paper with my rules and then  just asked me. They were a bit suprised but they didn't tell anyone about my little secret ;)

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