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New little!


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My daddy has introduced me to DDLG. He wants me to be his little... I have no idea where to even begin?



I was wondering if anyone can help me out? H'es started doing things like buying me cuddly toys but how should I be acting!? Im so confused.



Thanks in advice!

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You can act however you feel like acting. Being little has no definition because everyone is different. Its about how you feel. There is no pressure to act a certain way.


Talk to your partner and discuss what you both want out of the relationship. What are his expectations, what ate yours and experiment with different things to see what you both enjoy.

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Not everyone has a little age. Some like to identify as a certain age when the go into their little space and for others it is an all day every day personality trait.
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Again, some littles have rules and other as do not. For those who do a rule is something both partners agree on. They are usually set in order to correct a behavior that neither person is happy with. A Caregivers purpose for setting rules is to help guyid their little into being the best person they can be.


For example if the little wishes to quit smoking or cursing or whatever the caregiver would have a set of punishments in place for when the rule is broken. Now usually their are multiple circumstances that can change the nature of a punishment. And some caregivers do jot punish at all hut will rather reward good behavior. Don't follow the rules then you don't get a reward. The main goal is to stop the behavior and to use consistent methods to achieve the goal.


Now like I said not all littles have rules. I for one do not but I have in the past when I'm having an issue with something. But I look at rules like... I may be little but I'm a grown ass woman and no one is gonna change me because I love me. And that works because my Daddy feels the same way.


Caregivers also can not set a rule or a punishment if the little doesn't agree. This just won't work and will always put a strain on a relationship due to resentment and often hurt feelings.

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