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Trying to fully understand how to treat my middle.


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I am new to the Ddlg lifestyle. I have a middle that identifies as around 13. This is not an easy age to navigate. I'm trying to find games and or fun things to do with her. I'm also trying to figure out the best way to set up rules and enforce them cause she has the defiance of an early teen girl sometimes as well.

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Guest LavanderRabbit
Teen and tween stuff generally are the idea set for that age. In my middle space I get really nerdy and fan girly, so I like to read fan fiction, write, take quizzes and such. There was an amazing website called quizzilla I loved going on, but it was sadly shut down. You can find ideas for activities on pinterest by searching stuff like "tween activities" and the like. As for rules, don't try to impose on her independence and freedom. Middles can be a lot more independent. Don't do something like taking away her music or put her in time out. Often good punishments can be restrictions from tv, internet, etc. Some rules I have with my daddy are like telling him where I am, being home by a certain time if I'm out, a nightly phone call, telling him if I want to drink and asking how much I can have, letting him know who I'm with and where I am, and dosing my chores before doing anything fun. Obviously if you feel she needs to have certain rules then talk to her about them, but I grew up in a pretty free house so I didn't have a ton of restrictions growing up and that effected how I am now as a middle.
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Guest Lovesdaddy1972

Simple card games such as Uno, Phase 10, Skip Bo.  Challenge her that if she can beat you at the game she earns a reward :)

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