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Help and suggestions for a New Daddy?


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I recently found someone really nice to be my daddy, but he doesn't know too much about ddlg. He's never had a little before and said he'd be willing to learn for me and I could help teach him. The only problem is that he's actually MY first daddy xC so we are learning together! Does anyone have any suggestions on where we should start? Like some basic things to do together and some standard rules?
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Guest LavanderRabbit
It's going to depend on your little age and a lot of communication. It would be good to learn the Basics of BDSM, which involves consent talks and the formal aspects of everything, if you've gotten through that or he is already a Dom you can skip that step. I suggest reading a lot of the posts on the forum and DONT use tumblr because there is a lot of misinformation on there. Rules are going to depend on your situation. If you live together you can have a chore chart and the like. If you live long distance rules are going to be a bit different, and again you need to base them around your little age.
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Hiii Squiggles!


I am glad that you have met a nice daddy who is willing to learn and improve for you. It is also great to learn and grow together :3


Wanna mention that there is no right or wrong way of doing it, so it will depend on what yu both really like and be comfortable with each other!


You could try some tests online to open your hidden sides :p 



Alsoooo as LavanderRabbit said it is built on strong communication, but try not rush too much and don't feel like you have to do anything! Maybe talk ones and tell honestly what you two expect from ddlg and why it is important to you and what kind of stuff is absolutely taboo or something you are willing to try...


Hope that helps :p


Welcome to the community 

*kisses* Mia

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