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Most loving daddy


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I recently have found out that my friend of four years

is liking the ddlg that i have shown him. 

He is reading the articles here and getting into it.

He's now my daddy!!!

He's so amazing, sweet,kind, and just everyone likes him!

He even helps me better myself as a person!

Everything that I ever wished for in a Daddy , he has!

Many daddies have left me when I cry , saying hearing me cry

breaks their hearts, and that they can't handle that.

But Daddy...He is different...he is supporting me

Loving me, curing my cracks in me.


I truly loves daddy!

I want to be held in his arms someday!

We has only been dating for a little while,

But have known each-other for four years.

We are into MLP together, movies,jokes! And more!

I really am so happy with my daddy.

I love you~




Your princess

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I really don't know what to say. We were just chatting this morning and she was really distressed when I woke up, I had to calm my little angel down but we had a really close bonding moment during that time! 

I'm honestly really happy she was the one that introduced me to this and she's very loving and patient while i get a hold of the ropes.

I believe it's really selfish to abandon someone when they need you the most, stay strong and stay close to them and see them through!



I love everything we do together and I'm really excited to see what's in store for us!

Four years but...people find the right way eventually! <3

The most impotant thing is that we're both happy and things will just work out naturally.

I love you too my preious princess! 



P.S. I didn't know how to make the text look cute, so that'll have to do :D

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