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Little in distress


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My daddy was so sweet at the beginning of our relationship. He called me princess and treated me like a little. But as time has gone by he has changed. We don't really have a ddlg relationship anymore and idk if he even still wants me to call him daddy. I can't go into little space and I just really miss it. Idk what to do
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Guest StainedBlack

Communication is the key to any relationship. talk it out. And if he's not willing to change, move on. Don't put yourself in a bad situation.

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I know exactly how you feel. At the moment my daddy doesn't want me anymore. He would rather have other girls  :(

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I started out  as  a DOM in BDSM  and  before I realized that what I was  was actually  looking  for was a little to  be her  daddy, I learned to  not get  in too deep  with a submissive   until I was  sure this  is what I wanted as well as what she wanted.  When I finally became  a daddy - I applied the  same  rule  set  to  my littles.  I  think  littles  should  try the  same thing with their  daddys   when  they  first   begin  a new  relationship.  


I know - hindsight is  always 20X20, and I wish there  was more I could do to ease your  pain, both of you; Talking to your  daddy is  a  good  place to start  - but have a  purpose in your mind when you do;  if you find he is not willing to  compromise in some way  that  makes you happy,  then  be prepared to  leave  him  and search for another

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