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The differences between DD/lg and Daddy Kink

Guest LavanderRabbit

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Guest LavanderRabbit

So I think there needed to be a post to explain the differences between ddlg and Daddy kink. While it's fine to like what you like often times the two get mixed up and I don't think a lot of people realize that. When I call my boyfriend daddy they auto assume I'm into daddy kink when that's not the case and I'm sure it happens to a lot of people.


Dd/lg or cg/l:


It is of course about a caregiver and the one they are looking after. This dynamic doesn't have to involve incest or age play. Though the little can often regress in age to a "little" or "middle" space, this doesn't have to be at all sexual. It is considered a BDSM dynamic in all sense, but at the same time it doesn't have to be kinky. It can just involve small things like coloring and the feeling of being cared for by another person.


Daddy kink:

This is a fetish that dives into major role play of incest and age play. Not to be confused with CG/l, this is a much more sexual relationship. Though some aspects from cg/l can be involved, it is more than just being a little because you are considered to be related with this kink.


If you have anything to add to further explain I would appreciate it. I just think some information on the difference between the two can greatly help newer littles and others that think DD/lg is all an incest fetish.

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I think some people confuse the two because there is slight overlap.


Just like with DDlg and ageplay, they are two separate things but with some characteristics in common. They don't have to go together, as you can be only into DDlg or only into ageplay, but most people here seem to be into both. 


I personally believe that you be into Daddy kink stuff at the same time as DDlg but you MUST be able to recognize the differences and not assume that everyone else thinks they go well together.


You also can't come onto a forum for one and boast about the other in a lascivious and predatory tone  <_<


The two things that differentiate them most in my opinion are that:

-Daddy kink is almost always a sexual thing that is turned on and off as needed and often lacks the caregiving aspects that go on outside the bedroom

-while Daddy kink has the word kink in its name, it's actually quite vanilla and doesn't inherently involve any aspects of BDSM

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