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i would like some help.....


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sooo my daddy and i have been together ย for almost four years now. i was the one who brought up DDLG. He was good with it at first but now he doesn't seem to care about what i need. I love him so much but its so hard to be in a relationship when he cant take time away from his games and things to pay attention to me. I don't think he really got into the daddy part. I'm just not sure what to do. cause i feel little a lot but he doesn't feel big.ย 

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I'd sit down and talk to him about it. It seems like things could go down a bad path if you don't :l

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Guest LavanderRabbit
Communication is important in any relationship do definitely try to sit down and talk about it. Being ignored isn't fun.
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Sit down and talk with him. Explain how you feel and how you feel when he does or doesn't do something. In any relationship, DDlg or your traditional relationship if someone is basically ignoring their partner and doesn't have time for them than they need to be Sat down and talk with. If he doesn't change this or just doesn't care , that you need to move on.
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