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An all inclusive space , for all things fashion. Stylez Klub will provide weekly/monthly activities and/or challenges , contests , advice and support for finding your personal style , recommendations for fairly priced clothing and cool finds online or in the real world , as well as all gender , body types and size inclusivity , advice for finding clothes for your body type and so much more !
  1. What's new in this club
  2. ChubbyMoonie


    My new favorite spring/summer dress. πŸ‘—
  3. What do you like to wear during the summertime? I don't know the meaning of pants 😁 Night shirts or short gowns are my absolute favorite. Sometimes I wear socks with them, or I just go barefoot.
  4. Andriel_Isilien

    Yarn Clothing and Acessories

    Spring themed fairy hat I finished crocheting.
  5. Andriel_Isilien

    Crazy Lady Outfit

    Before I went out with my little furry friends to an event
  6. dariokgladstone

    Gemstone Jewelry

    It's so cool to see someone else who loves gemstones and crystals as much as I do! Rose Quartz is a favorite of mine as well. It's just such a beautiful stone, and I love how it's associated with love and kindness. Thanks for sharing the tip about not putting it in direct sunlight, I had no idea! And that black choker is such a vibe! I love how accessories can hold so many memories and sentimental value. Have you ever tried making your gemstone beaded jewelry? It's super fun and can be therapeutic! National Facets has some amazing gemstone beads that you can use for all sorts of projects. I've personally made some necklaces and bracelets using their beads and they turned out great.
  7. GigglingRaspberry


    That fit is super cute πŸ’–βœ¨!
  8. Andriel_Isilien

    Sporadic home haircuts.

    Finally remembered to take a selfie of the home haircut I do. βœ‚οΈ I took myself to a hair salon last year after avoiding them for nearly a decade. That visit reminded me how much I don't care for salons in general. I can't stand how they talk to me, and I rather just do it myself. Probably will be another 10 years until I venture back into one LOL πŸ˜„ I need to invest in getting a nice pair of scissors specifically for hair cutting. You can see the difference on the ends after I trimmed one side. Then I followed it up with deep conditioning! I try to remember to apply a bit of hair oil each week on the ends.
  9. Andriel_Isilien


    I followed the horse people to the plentiful land of hay for my two, very hungry guinea pigs. Seems that wearing my piggie tights were appropriate 😁
  10. Andriel_Isilien

    OoTD 6

    Went to a munch in my local community in this. In a spring mood 🌱🌺
  11. DaddysMonkey


    Dad took a couple of candid photos of my outfit from Saturday !
  12. Andriel_Isilien

    Winter pajamas !

    ooooo, I love the color and the stars! πŸ’— ✨ My favorite winter pj is this long night shirt from Victoria Secret (that I found at a thrift store). I wear long stockings with it when lounging around but once I'm under the covers I skooch them off.
  13. DaddysMonkey

    Winter pajamas !

    Gratitude is the best attitude βœ¨πŸ’–
  14. DaddysMonkey

    Simple is best sometimes

    Simple once again - working in an office has made me lean more towards these looks instead of neon eyeliner all over my face… cause ya know… nobody is really gunna see it much anyways πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
  15. OMG where did you find these??
  16. Andriel_Isilien

    Yarn Clothing and Acessories

    I remember back in 2007 I saw one of my aunties knitting a Harry Potter scarf. She taught me the pattern and then I got addicted. Over the years I have been knitting scarves, hats, wrists warmers and later on, crocheting too. 🧢 No, I don't think I'll ever get bored with this hobby. πŸ˜‰ I have given away scarves I have made, undone sweaters to reuse the yarn, and keep on making new stuff. Some of these I have already shared the pattern in the Teeny Tiny Arts & Crafts Club. If you want to ask about a specific item you see, I can try my best to find the pattern to send your way.
  17. One of my favorite mangas
  18. Snow penguin 🐧
  19. DaddysMonkey

    Christmas theme pajamas !

    @Andriel_Isilien those little sockies to match ! They look so warm and fuzzy ! You’re adorable πŸ’–
  20. Andriel_Isilien

    Christmas theme pajamas !

    My one and only Christmas pjs. The little mug of cocoa with the candy cane says "warm wishes".
  21. Lil Juju

    Oversized sweater

    You did really good! So cute!
  22. Andriel_Isilien

    Oversized sweater

    Finished crocheting this oversized sweater that I'm wearing at the end of the day to lounge in. The color and stripes I chose after a character from one of my favorite video games. See if you can guess it πŸ˜‰

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