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An all inclusive space , for all things fashion. Stylez Klub will provide weekly/monthly activities and/or challenges , contests , advice and support for finding your personal style , recommendations for fairly priced clothing and cool finds online or in the real world , as well as all gender , body types and size inclusivity , advice for finding clothes for your body type and so much more !
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  2. soo cute and great idea!!!
  3. I saw a pair of Bluey and Bingo shoes but they were only for toddlers, not adults. I REALLY wanted my own pair and a little friend in my local community did a craft date to paint some! πŸ’™πŸ§‘πŸΎ
  4. Valentines nails :3 To be honest - they don’t look as nice and neat as I normally would like BUT … these ones make me feel little for some reason.
  5. Andriel_Isilien

    Plaid Dress

    Love love LπŸ’œVE this plaid sweater dress I just got for myself. I feel super cute in. The stockings just πŸ‘Œ
  6. Andriel_Isilien

    Nails at Home

    Growing my nails out and painted them. I've been having fun combining two kinds; a plain solid color and then topping with a clear polish that's saturated with GLITTER
  7. DaddysMonkey

    Casual Friday at work !

    I love that we get casual fridays :3
  8. splendabae

    Casual Friday at work !

    looking comfy~
  9. I covered my name tag and the logo on my vest - but they gave me a branded vest ! :3
  10. DaddysMonkey


    The shirts with the little peekaboo cut outs are so fun :3
  11. splendabae

    Green and brown again :)

    ooo looking so profressshhh X3 monkey slay~
  12. No - you’re not allowed to read my name tag πŸ˜‡
  13. Carrot Cake

    Green is for money

    cute! Green is my favorite color.
  14. Andriel_Isilien

    Green is for money

    I just had the idea that your bank should have a basil plant growing. Basil means wealth and draws in money πŸŒΏπŸ’²
  15. splendabae

    Green is for money

    cute!!!! i love the colors! green is my fav! 10/10 X3 i'm totally not biased!
  16. DaddysMonkey

    Business monkey

    Sans business blazer
  17. DaddysMonkey

    urban nature

    Heck yeah you do ! You’re adorable
  18. splendabae

    urban nature

    thank u!!! X3 i clean up nice lol
  19. DaddysMonkey

    urban nature

    You’ve got some killer style dude !
  20. splendabae

    details details

    just wanted to show of the little details!
  21. splendabae

    urban nature

    went out yesterday, put together something simple but cute. these r one of my fav pants, the colors on the flowers r so pretty.
  22. splendabae

    Sporadic home haircuts.

    thank u! everyone loves this shirt, very nostalgic~ i'm still getting used to the hair style, someone said i looked like ramona flowers from scott pilgrim vs. the world. love that for me lol

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