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Halloween "assignments"

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Sloth Fairy

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The 1st one I'd have to flip a coin I guess. Neither if that was an option lol

I want a pet bat please. Like really,  I want a pet bat.

I'd walk through a haunted cemetery. I've been told cemeteries are the least haunted places. A haunted asylum would be worse I would think.

I would want to be a werewolf. I could just run around and howl at the moon. That would be awesome. I'd be like the most tame werewolf and just want head scratches. 

Another coin toss for the coffin. If the spiders weren't poisonous then maybe. 

I'd choose being abducted by aliens,  less likely to die that way... I think. 

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I'll take Mike all day long. He usually kills at night so I can sleep during the day. Freddy waits for you to sleep. 

Definitely a bat. Crows are pretty and cool but I'm a night creature so I feel more in tune with bats.

Cemetery for sure. My luck I'd come across a junkie in the asylum and get taken out. Plus people always end up locked in the asylums until the movie is over. 

Vampire for sure. Again, night lover.

Coffin with a body please. Eventually those spiders are gonna find your ears and nostrils and they like holes and crevices. That body isn't going to do anything but lie there.

Serial killer, I feel my chances are better against one crazy human than no telling how many aliens. 

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