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What are some ideas of dates you can go on with your Caregiver?

Not just romantic adult style ones (like dinner), but ideas for dates where you can be in your littlespace while they're in their Big space.


I'll start; Sir and I went to the park, where he can push me on the swings and hold onto my hand while I try to balance and walk on walls. At the same time, he has to check I'm warm enough and not hungry etc.

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Maybe a movie? I know alot of littles are fans of animated movies so whenever a new one that you might like premiers you can ask if your daddy could take you to watch it with him.
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Guest LavanderRabbit

For Daddy and I we liked going to the beach and walking around on the pier and getting ice cream and looking at all the sea shell shops and stuff back when I lived in California. We even went to go splash around in the water a little even though he hates the ocean. It was really fun and one of my fondest memories with him. We also went to the park near there and climbed trees together. Since I moved to Vegas we have been trying to come up with new date ideas for when he comes here. Since there is a lot to do during the day, we will probably have picnics at the lake, go to Boulder City at the fancy Victorian Tea place, go on hikes at red rock or even go to the fancy movies. (It's the same price as AMC, but you have to reserve your seat. They have big comfy reclining chairs that you can move back and put your feet up and little side tables for your snacks. They also have staff that will escort you out if you're disrupting people) I think during the summer we will end up going to the water parks and stuff like that. It always seems like a fun date, especially when you have a cute bathing suit. For Daddy and I, we may probably end up browsing a ton of book stores and going to little cafes for coffee and reading in the little nooks some of them have <3

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This might sound odd, but my little and I have had a playdate in her pillowfort! I brought a picnic basket full of cookies and muffins! (all the unhealthy stuff) She supplied the drinks, and we simply relaxed in the pillowfort together, it was beautiful :) She was truly in her little moment. This was after we watched a film together. The simple things in life are sometimes the most beautiful.


I have also taken princess on a playdate to the woods/forest and we camped overnight together in a tent! I protected her from all the creepy crawly bugs! and we cuddled together in our sleeping bags, it was magical. We even got to view the stars together :)

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Something else that I just thought of was taking a nice walk on the beach at night.  It's so peaceful with nobody else around and we can both hear the water and look at the stars :)  

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Guest CookieDoughDarling

What daddy and I love doing is staying in and baking together then enjoying our nummy treats when they're done.

On Valentine's we made chocolate covered strawberries and watched movies


I've requested that we go to one of those pizza buffets with all of those fun games so I can win pretty prizes :D 

Daddy agreed when we can we will. Hopefully we can go soon!


I've also wanted to take a fishing trip (buuut daddy isn't much of an outdoors guy. He's more comfortable with his technology XD)


Maybe attending artistic classes together. Something fun and new! Pottery, scrapbooking (make a scrapbook for the two of you), painting, etc

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This is a seasonal one, but see if there are any big light displays in your town around Christmas! Our zoo does a thing as does a local neighborhood and Daddy took me this past year to the neighborhood one. We drank hot cider and he held my hand as I dragged him around to excitedly point at all the lights and the house that had the Frozen characters in their front yard.

Since it's getting warmer, if you can, do a private pool day! My grandparents have a pool in their back yard and last summer Daddy and I spent a whole afternoon in it. I put on a crab ring floaty (his name is Crabby) and we played Marco Polo. The pool ring really let me be little because I couldn't swim as smoothly as I can without it, so it was like I was learning how to swim again with having to bob around and such. It was also fun to threaten Daddy with Crabby's claws when he was winning at Marco Polo.

Sometimes we do living room days. Last summer we brought out all his blankets to the living room and set ourselves up on the couch and watched lots of movies and Daddy make spaghetti o's and grilled cheese. And then we played board games while on the floor wrapped up in our blankies. And when it started to rain outside he put a sweater on me and let me go run around in the front yard and splash in puddles and such.

Our traditional thing is a movie and then IHOP. We both get pancakes and I get hot chocolate and he orders for me. I think it's a fun thing to do because breakfast for dinner is totally exciting when you're little! As is hot chocolate. And if you go at 9/10 at night, not many people are gonna be there so you can very much be a little more open at being little.

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All super fun ideas so far! Kinda like the pillow fort idea, I sometimes like having stuffie tea parties with my daddy and stuffed animals. We pick out a movie or music, and then we have whatever we're in the mood to munch on (sometimes actual tea and tea party type foods, other times just little snacks and juice or whatever in my special dishes) and bring out my stuffies to partake with us. Then we just chill and watch the movie, or play a game, color, or whatever we want to do. The stuffies are usually quite vocal about what they wanna do, so that usually makes picking easier lol. You can even dress up if you want it to be *glitter* fancy *glitter* or you can make it a super casual pajama tea party with like pillow forts or a spread out blanket or whatever. :heart:

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Most of my ideas are kinda basic but here goes-


Cute Date Ideas:

  • Going to the movies together to see an animated movie.
  • Going to a cute pastel-themed cafe.
  • Going to a candy store.
  • Going to a toy store, maybe one that sells vintage/traditional children's toys, or perhaps places like the Disney Store, American Girl, or Build-a-Bear Workshop.
  • Going to a boardwalk or carnival. If you have enough money, maybe go to Disney World.
  • Long walks on the beach at night.
  • Going to an aquarium.
  • Going to a circus.
  • Going to a museum.
  • Going to the zoo.
  • Going to the park and playing on the playground.
  • Dancing outside after it rains.
  • Going to a tea house and having an afternoon tea party.
  • Going to an arcade.
  • Having a picnic in a nice botanical garden.
  • Netflix and chill.
  • Camping.
  • Stargazing.
  • Watching the sunrise/sunset together.
  • Going to a breakfast diner like Denny's or IHOP.
  • Swimming in a pool.
  • Crafting and making things together.
  • Getting ice cream from an ice cream truck.
  • Going to a convention.
  • Going to a store that sells anime merch, and you can usually find a whole bunch of cute stuffies and anime to watch together.
  • Lighting fireworks together on holidays.
  • Wearing cute costumes and trick-or-treating on Halloween.
  • If there are light displays in your town or city, you can go watch them.
  • Going to a concert together.
  • Going grocery shopping or window shopping together.
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