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  1. Hello everyone! So I've been wanting to post about this for a while now, but didn't know how to write it out. What I wanted to talk about, is why curvier, or plus size littles, whether that be female or male, transgender or nonbinary etc, are not what a lot of people are looking for? I understand that to a lot of people appearance and a persons attractiveness in their future partner is a big deal breaker, but why should it be? Every person whether you are bigger or not, should be given the same opportunity to have a chance with someone. What I find too often is that people I've talked with have been so cold hearted to me because I am in fact a bigger person. I'm not gonna lie, I am over 260 something pounds at this current moment in time, but why should my weight have anything to do with me being an acceptable suitor for someone? The way people think is so backwards sometimes. I once had a guy who I met on here that I was talking to, that was a potential daddy for me. One day we finally decided to skype. This man had no knowledge of my weight at all. I rarely ever tell someone my weight, because it doesn't matter to me. I answered his skype call and we talked for a good five minutes or so, and he had asked me to stand up, so he could see all of me, so he could know what I looked like more. I kid you not, this guy took one look at me, and literally said,"Wow I wasn't expecting you to be obese.." "I don't like fat people.." And after those words were exchanged to me, he told me he didn't want me, and that no mommy, caregiver, or daddy would ever want a obese little like me. It's truly disheartening when something like that happens, and it really has made me not want to look for someone anymore, but I try to keep trucking on, and not letting it bother me. I hate also that when I start to read a personal and get to see what kind of a person that specific person is, I end up reading the whole "I would prefer someone who is skinny.." or something along those lines, and it just automatically gets me upset. I'm sorry if this post is a little long, but I wanted to make it, because I've felt very uncomfortable with how I've been treated on here, by several daddys now, especially that one skype call incident. I wanted to voice something, that maybe a few others might not have the courage to do. I'd love to hear what others have to say about this or how they view this topic. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this
  2. NotYourBabyGirl

    Clothing for Plus Sized Littles

    I've been searching on my own for plus sized DDlg clothing since I'm a plus sized little myself. I hope this list helps you as much as it has helped me! <3 There may be more out there, but this is what I've found so far This is not an all inclusive list, because Daddy and I are constantly searching for websites and shops that sell plus sized clothing. Feel free to leave a shop in the posts that I haven't posted yet, and I'll give you credit for it! Thank you! Key $ = $1-$25 $$ = $25-$50 $$$ = $50-$75 $$$$ = $75+ CowCow : You can design your own dresses, shirts, pants, shoes... whatever! Sizes: Up to 3XL Price: $$-$$$ ChibiBunny : Adorable dresses, skirts, shirts, hoodies, and more! Sizes: Up to 5XL Price: $-$$ DDlg Playground : Onesies, shoes, little clothing, pet play, etc. Sizes: Up to 2XL Price: $-$$$ SockDreams : Cute socks! Sizes: Plus Price: $-$$$ Amazon : A few knee highs I found here and here TeePublic : Adorable shirts! Sizes: Up to 5XL Price: $ Onesies Downunder (thank you to babyjellybean!) : Onesies, bibs, and more Sizes: Up to 5XL Price: $-$$ Littles In Lace : Onesies, toys, pacifiers, bibs, and more (this site doesn't have much, but it's worth looking at) Sizes: Up to 2XL Price: $-$$ Milanoo : Lolita dresses and more! Some sellers allow tailor made dresses, too (kinda.. more than pricey) Sizes: Up to 2XL & more Price: $$-$$$$ Hot Topic : You can usually find cute dresses, shirts, leggings, skirts, etc. here. It can be a hit or miss Sizes: Up to 5XL Price: $-$$$ Torrid : Sometimes a hit or miss, but a great site to find sleep wear, dresses, lingerie, and wide toed shoes Sizes: Up to size 6 (US 6XL) Price: $-$$$$ HollyTeaTime : SO many adorable shirt, dresses, accessories, and more! <3 Sizes: Up to 3XL Price: $-$$$$ TeeTurtle : Cute shirts and accessories Sizes: Up to 3XL Price: $-$$ LittleGear : Shirts and hoodies for all ages! You can even create your own Sizes: Up to 3XL Price: $-$$$ Etsy Shops MerbunnyBaby : Absolutely ADORABLE hoodies, sweaters, dresses, and leggings! Sizes: Up to 5XL Price: $$-$$$ KawaiiGoods : Another super cute store with shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, and hoodies Sizes: Up to 3XL Price: $$-$$$ MagicCircleClothing : Shirts and jewelry Sizes: Up to 5XL Price: $-$$ JigglyPunk : Shirts, crop tops, and sweatshirts Sizes: Up to 2XL Price: $$ SugarHai : Shirts and crop tops Sizes: Up to 3XL Price: $$ vfever : Shirts and jumpers Sizes: Up to 2XL Price: $$ StarChaserClothing : So many cute dresses, skirts, shirts, and hoodies! One of my favorites on this list <3 Sizes: Up to 3XL Price: $$ BomJitJit : Shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets Sizes: Up to 3XL Price: $$-$$$ PNKSLVR : Sailor Moon inspired shirts! Sizes: Up to 4XL Price: $$ DaniLambDesigns : Adorable hoodies, dresses, skirts, leggings, and more! Sizes: Up to 3XL Price: $-$$$ Collars : Most sellers allow you to customize them to your neck size Sizes: Any size you need, usually Price: $-$$$$
  3. ##1Β°*BeDaddy'sGoodGirl


    Answer the previous poster's question with something that is wrong - the further from true it is, the better Then post a question of your own. To start the game off: Why doesn't a snake have legs?
  4. Hello everybody! I have recently gotten together with a girl and we're both into ddlg and she goes little fairly often, usually once per day. The thing is we live across town so im not always there but we will voice/video call when shes feeling little. What sort of things can I do to comfort her and make her feel safe? She tends to say that shes lonely and tired (mentally and physically) earlier in the day. She's been going non-verbal when shes little so im left by myself to try and keep a convorsation going as shes falling asleep. She likes when I talk about random things but im just curious if theres any other things that ya'll do with your non-verbal littles? or am I doing okay? I would love to have interactions weither it be games or activites I can do with her. I'm just not used to this type of thing because the only other little I had before was done fully through texting and we would roleplay and be in our own littlespace world. (for example she could be sitting on the couch and I could setup a movie night and get popcorn and juice etc. through text but its not the same speaking like that lol) So im not sure if shes like that but i'll have to ask and see. It's a lot easier for me to roleplay through text verses voice. What could I suggest or do, or what do ya'll like to do? Thanks!
  5. glitterymarshmallow

    tall littles?

  6. littleoneaesjorna

    Heyo πŸ‘‹πŸΎπŸ˜„

    Hi everyone πŸ‘‹πŸΎ. I'm Ace. I'm from Jamaica (πŸ‡―πŸ‡²). I'm 20 years old, genderfluid and I go by they/he/she pronouns. My little age ranges from 3-6 years old. In little space I'm strictly sfw. I also tend to go nonverbal most times. I really like earthy tones (dark green, brown, etc.). I also like colouring, taking naps, cuddling, watching animated movies, and stuffies. I hope this makes sense πŸ’—.
  7. Guest

    New Little

    Hello everybody! My name is LilDragonBlu, but everyone can call me Blu! Last year, I found out I'm a Little and have been looking for a safe place to fully embrace my Little side. As I've never had a caregiver before, I'm not entirely sure what my age is - however, I think I fall around the 0-3 mark. I'm sure I'll figure it out more as I go through my journey here! I would love to get to know as many people as I can on here and make some new friends with like-minded people! And, hopefully, learn more about myself It'll be very nice to meet you all!
  8. a challenge with a letter of the alphabet each week related to a stuffie or item for sharing. Example, the letter "A" for Apple, Arachnid, Alligator, Ant,, shared by: @andrielisilien
  9. Hi! I am a little and I am excited but also very nervous. Um...so I am very new to this. Not only this website but also ddlg in general. I get scared and intimidated easily. So this is definately alot for me. But I hope I have a good experience and atleast make some friends of not anything βœ§β—(⁰▿⁰)β—œβœ§
  10. Lil Angel

    Im a new little

    I'm a lil new to all of this I'm just lookin for a daddy to care for me and love me how I am and accept me I'm a lil bratty sometimes but I just want love and care .
  11. PeachyPantsu

    Littles that smoke.

    Okay so I have a really big question.. Is it okay for a little to smoke cigarettes or weed? Like.. I don't know. I know that some people have rules against it but I'm the type that kind of uses these things to get through the week. So for me it's really annoying when I'm told I have to stop. I understand you're trying to help me but I will probably snap on someone at my job if I don't have a cigarette. And weed kind of makes my social anxiety go away (even though it's only an occasional thing). So I just want to know other people's opinions on it. Like am I being selfish for not wanting to quit or change that part of my life or is it normal? I don't even know.
  12. Ilovemydaddy

    Hi, I’m new

    Hi! I’m 39 years old . Are there any littles my age here? I am daddy obsessed πŸ₯° . I love my blankets and stuffies. I’ve been in a ddlg relationship for the last year. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone ☺️.
  13. CloverJames

    Intro to Clover 101

    Hi. I’m Clover and I’m a little. Im 23. I like cats and taking naps. I’m straight, new-ish to the whole of DDlg, but excited to explore. I love learning new things about this community, and it always seems like there’s something new. Here’s some things to know about me: - Naps are life. I am perpetually sleepy. - I like animals (especially sloths) - my favorite foods are lemon poppyseed muffins, spaghetti and meatballs, and chai lattes. - I’m really good at braiding hair. If you have questions or wanna talk let me know
  14. linabee

    Trying to make friends

    Any littles want to make friends with other littles but are too shy or don't know where to look? well that's me. I'd feel comfortable with having other girls as friends. I'm 5 when I'm in little space (18 irl) I love bees, coloring, naps, painting, reading, stuffies, soft clothing, sushi, and sloths. Also I use snapchat and instagram
  15. LittleGoddess

    Were you spanked as a child?

    Were you spanked as a child? Did you feel those punishments were just? How has this shaped you into the adult/little that you are today?
  16. littledutchone

    Dutchies, lets talk!

    Hallo allemaal, Zoals sommige weten was er een poosje een Nederlands topic wat er voor heeft gezorgd dat er destijds een meeting was in een park in Utrecht. Ik weet niet of deze mensen het hebben gemerkt, maar de maker van dat topic zit niet meer op het forum. Dat is voornamelijk de reden dat ik deze nu start. Zo kunnen nederlanders toch nog met elkaar kletsen en/of tips en tricks delen. Ik hoop dat het net zo een gezellig topic wordt als dat de vorige was. Liefs Littledutchone
  17. Guest

    Being your own CG?

    Hello ^^ I'm not entirely sure how would be best to write my thoughts down other than letting them sort of stream out of me, so I'm sorry if this is jarring or muddled to read. I have been with my partner for a while now, and after some initial anxiety and consideration, I don't think that he can provide me with the care that I need from a CG. My fundamental response to issues within a relationship is always communication. When I first realised that it was more of an issue than just a fleeting thought, I did acknowledge that this could be due to my own selfish needs rather than a joint problem that concerns both of us, but the worry built up in my head, and I knew I needed to talk to him. I know my partner's schedule, and I know that he is a busy man. His job comes first, and I am actively trying to make peace with that fact. I tentatively made my feelings known about three weeks ago, and the conversation was definitely opened and closed that night. I explained that we rarely had time to engage in CG/L behaviours, and when we did it was always before bedtime, so it felt rushed to me. Sort of like finally shedding my adult skin and settling into my little self, only to have to shove my adult skin back on, half-asleep and dazed. My CG reiterated that he is nearly always stressed before bed, and whilst he insists that caring for me is theraputic, he needs support from my adult side far more than my little side. I knew this before we talked, and the guilt is still eating away at me. We discussed the idea of a platonic caregiver, but neither of us felt as though it was right. I struggle to develop and maintain relationships with anyone, let alone someone that I would need to trust so deeply. This leads me to the following question: are there any littles out there who sort of... care for themselves utilising techniques that a CG would? Or are CG-less littles by nature? Admittedly, I'm really struggling to regress into my little self on my own. Due to trauma, it's a coping mechanism for me, and whilst typically I view being a little as a core part of who I am with such positive emphasis, I find myself wishing that I wasn't a little because I hate making my partner feel inadequate. Any advice whatsoever would be whole-heartedly appreciated.
  18. Sweet_MeowMeow

    Hewwo β™₯

    Hi hi~β™₯ I'm completely new in here and sometimes I might don't understand how a forum works but I'll do my best to not to do something inapropiate. You can call me "Sweet" Because It's my nickname and I will appreciate you not calling me other names. Just sweet β™₯ I have a Daddy and I'm here looking for more fwiends and activities to do Cause I would like to learn a bit more about Ddlg :3 I love watching tvshow or netflix/disney/primevideo shows and movies β™₯ I also like anime and manga :3 Music is one of my fav things, I like singing and listening to it and I love plushies! I hope I can find new fwiends here and learn a bit more :3 β™₯β™₯ Thank you for reading!
  19. imjustalittle

    Coke or Pepsi (Littles' Edition)

    Helloooooo!!! So when I was younger I used to love doing those Coke and Pepsi games so I decided to steal that idea and make a version for littles. Here goes nothing. 1) Baymax or Toothless? 2) Scooby Doo or Bugs Bunny? 3) Apple Juice or Orange Juice? 4) Disney or Universal? 5) Glitter or Rainbows? 6) Unicorns or Kitties? 7) Fairtytales or Comics? 8) Pink or Blue? 9) Fairies or Mermaids? 10) Barbie or Bratz? 11) Stuffies or Dolls? 12) Princesses or Heroes? 13) Candyland or Chutes and Ladders? 14) Candy or Cookies? 15) Sprinkles or Gummy Bears? 16) Milk and Oreos or Hot Cocoa and Chocolate Chip Cookies? 17) Puppies or Kitties? 18) Disney or Pixar? 19) Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson? 20) Hugs or Kisses? I hope you all have a fun time picking which ones you want and learning more about the other members of this community. If you don't get the reference I am making for the pink or blue question I may cry.
  20. Hi all! Does anyone have tips on how to be more eco-friendly as a little? I like walking in nature and I like thrift shopping. What kind of items are more eco-friendly? Or are there ways to obtain them in an eco-friendly way? - What about pacifiers? I really don't know how I could choose for a more sustainable option. - Onesies: I can look for them secondhand or sew them myself from a thrifted stretchy t-shirt. - Books: Also good items to obtain secondhand. - Bottles/sippy cups: How? I have a glass sippy, but are there more options? - Blankets: I have enough blankets, so I don't need new ones. But does anyone have tips on blankets from non-synthetic material? Maybe quilt them myself? Or knit/crochet from cotton yarn? I do like a very soft feel, will I get that with cotton? - Other tips on eco-friendly little stuff? Thank youuuuu! xx
  21. Ticklechambers

    Little T'Lee Writing

    Hello! I'm on a journey to learn about who I am and what things mean to me. I am a little - 24/7. I recently learnt that people experience being little very differently from one person to the next. For me... I am little 24/7 because I feel little on the inside all the time. Sometimes even on the outside I feel little. I'm a fully functioning adult, however I won't be offended if someone big explains all the little things to me. In fact, I find it comforting. Sometimes its nice to know that someone cares to think about what is happening in my life, and what is going to happen... and takes the time to talk to me about thoughts, feelings and tasks that relate to upcoming situations. It makes me feel safe and cared for. I'm also a Ticklee (commonly referred to as a 'lee). This means... in the simplest of terms... I want someone to pin me down and tickle me. The person who does this, is referred to as a Tickler / 'Ler. Being a Little 'Lee is who I am. It makes me feel safe and warm and good inside. When someone says that I'm just little, and that it's okay if I forget something or it's okay if I don't understand... because I'm little... it makes me feel so warm all over. It's like I've been seen, and accepted on a deep level. When someone traps and tickle-molests me... it makes me feel desired and special. How special I am to the captor that they wanted to have me all tied up and to explore every inch of my body for the weakest points. Even though it's torture... it's happy torture. When I don't get to be little - when I have to be big and responsible... I get so tired and anxious, When no one comes to get me, and tickle-torture me all over I feel this deep feverish energy creeping all over and I can't think clearly. When someone tries to flirt or seduce me with adult concepts and phrases - words like sexy, horny, dirty, cum, and cock, for example... I feel uncertain and sometimes even uncomfortable. I just want to be a good little girl for you. I like phrases and words that aren't scary and adult: tingly, princess parts, trouble button, tickle toy, and no-no place ... these are the words that make me feel safe and fuzzy and like I could just be vulnerable and free. Not many people seem to understand what I like and what makes me happy, but I'm glad to be here and meet people/ talk to people who may understand my mind and accept me for the Little 'Lee I am.
  22. princess cotton grass

    what's your fairy name? ✧ο½₯゚

    your birth month is the first part of your fairy name: january - chestnut february - snowdrop march - berry april - hazel may - bluebell june - pixie july - sunbeam august - hazy september - raindrop october - cobweb november - violet december - sugar the last digit of your birth date is the last part of your fairy name: 1 - glow 2 - spell 3 - glimmer 4 - myth 5 - magic 6 - enchantment 7 - twinkle 8 - bloom 9 - fae 0 - daydream comment your fairy name below! i got sunbeam myth uwu
  23. Hi everyone, I am new to DDLG, but it feels like home. I have been living it in ways throughout my life. It is so, so exciting, but it is also vulnerable and scary, so I would love to meet some new little friends and experienced daddies to chat things through with. My litle me is around 5 years old. I am really interested in learning more from more experienced people, primarily how to explore little space to it's fullest while nurturing and protecting little me. I would also like to know if people got to know their little self first, without a Daddy, or if a Daddy helped them through it. I have a bit heart, and a lot of love to give. Really up for making new connections. A bit about me: Big space interests: Yoga, exploring, meditation, fun, photogrpahy Both space interests: adventuring, violin, singing, dancing, craft, drawing, the beach Little space interests: so far- colouring, stuffies, lego, model villages, water parks Hope to chat to some people soon. Princess mononoke
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