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Help required. New to this.


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Hello all! I'm looking for a 'little' advice.


I'm kind of new to the DDLG lifestyle and was looking for a little advice on where to start. I had been advised by a friend that I may be looking for a middle, but again I need help understanding the whole thing.


I'm at a stage in life where the sexual side of things isn't a necessity to a happy relationship. I'd just like a bit of a better understanding of the DD-Middle relationship and what to expect.


Thanks in advance.



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You start by figuring out what you can offer a partner. What you bring to a relationship. Then figure out what you expect from your partner. Each relationship is different and there is no cookie cutter to being a Caregiver or little.


Little/Middle is just a self identifying term. Each little is different and each middle is different. A middle may identify as such and someone else may peg them as a little or vice versa.


The title is not what your searching for but rather someone who brings to the table the qualities you are looking for in a partner. You should treat this just as any other relationship. Take your time, know yourself and what you want and What you can offer before starting something your not ready for.

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