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I took some pictures today! :D


Today I watched Netflix and colored, I danced around as a fairy, I had a tea party with my toys, and I didn't take a nap!


I'm a little girl, I tend to play between age 2-7. More around 3-5, but I sometimes am a bit more independent.


I like taking pictures, so I hope to post more selfies~


Let's be friends!



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im gonna add my lil photos so we can have a little photo thread! x3


im felix and really new to all this! idk my little age but im a (trans).little boy and i hoooard stuffies. im also really shy to selfies so ^^; sorry!



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Such a fun thread idea!

I am a little girl, I tend to be around 5-7, but today I am feeling particularly little so I'd say about 2-3, tops.

I haven't been doing anything fun yet today though, but I just might in a lil' bit!


photo 2017 05 02 14 50 44


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I usually don't use pacis, but this one time I was feeling silly and super into it for some reason (I think I was semi high maybe when I took these? lol stoner little). My little space age can range anywhere from 2-7, but here I felt like a good 2-3.



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