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I used to use a pacifier, a couple years ago. Funny part is, it wasn't because of being little, it was because it helped with my anxiety. I clench my jaw when my anxiety kicks in, so my mom (believe it or not) suggested I get a pacifier since I couldn't afford a bite guard. It really helped because although it wasn't a full bite guard, it was enough to feel like I was biting down on something and remind me to relax. If the guy says anything again, you could always use that excuse, if you want. Heck, you can even use me as extra excuse, and just tell him a friend told you about the coping method for panic attacks. 


I might go back to using one actually...I miss them.


*hugs* I hope things work out with him!

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Guest Bloomrose96

don't let anyone judge for who YOU are it's wat u chose to be not them if u wanna have a paci in your or cuddle a teddy when u take a picture don't let anyone say anything mean to you cus of it

It's your life not there's

and anyway at least u can have a paci I can't cus I can't afford one

This a quote I go by "Be who YOU wanna be not wat others want to be you are yourself not someone else so don't let anyone judge you for being you" :D :D :D :D :D

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If he doesn't want to be your friend because of that then it's hi lose, I understand though it's hard if it's a close friend, I think that's why people freak out a bit and are scared to show their true personality or hidden things to people for fear of judgement and rejection, it's scary.  He might need a little time to process, that's how I usually am.

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