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I have been doing some research on dummies, and I don't know if there are ones you can buy that don't t effect your teeth and jaw. Most articles are made for babies and suggest weaning babies off them as soon as possible, due to the effects of them, but of course this doesn't apply to me and I would like to be able to use them without being worried about my teeth, so if anyone knows anything please let me know.
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Actually, kiddo, it's less the type of pacifier that you should be worried about than it is the amount of time you're using it. 


No matter what pacifier you use (albeit some are better than others) you need to limit the amount of time you're going to be using it. Give yourself equal amounts of paci/no paci time. If you spend six hours paci'd then you need to spend at least another six without so your teeth can relax again.


Find one that will let the shield rest in FRONT of your chin, not on top of your chin. In front means your chin prevents the shield from pushing your teeth inward. This means, you should find a nipple that goes deeper into your mouth. If you have a small mouth a long/deep nipple might cause gagging (not likely but it happens) so you'll want a shorter nipple. But if you have a large mouth, or your tongue rests deeper in your mouth, you'll want a longer nipple with a large, flat, 'head'.


Equally important is a nipple that will rest on your tongue without putting undue forward or backward pressure on your teeth and doesn't force you to use pressure to keep it in your mouth.Personally, for example, I need a flat nipple instead of a round 'nubby' one because I'm always clenching my teeth just to keep it in. 


Basically, I'd suggest trying different shapes and sizes. Just one of each. Then, when you find one that feels comfortable in your little mouth, you'll know what to look for when you go shopping for pacifiers to accessorize with. 

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I agree with Shaw.

Keep in mind that the reason they say tonween babies off of them is they have soft tissue to allow for teeth to cone through and when they suck their thumbs or use a pacifier it can press into that tissue and cause issues within the mouth. As an adult it would take a lot of time and pressure to change the shape of your mouth.


Personally, i like chew toys or chewlry. They can be a bit more subtle in everyday life but can be incredibly helpful.

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