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What are your rules?


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I've seen rule lists posted in various other threads but I haven't seen a thread where they're all in once place. If you don't mind to share, what are your rules if you have them? For those who might be looking for ideas. :) (If there is a thread like this and I'm just blind, many sorries. Also, link please?)
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I have rules! Sir said it was okay to post them here.

  1. School is very important; you must go every day and tell Sir about homework and deadlines.
  2. Don't keep secrets from Sir; tell me your worries, I can't help if I don't know the problem.
  3. No swearing; Princesses have no need for vulgar words.
  4. Sir will choose your outfits, and you must ask when changing clothes; you can help with suggestions. You must send a description of what you are wearing in the morning.
  5. Bed time is when Sir says, and you must stay in bed if a time is given.
  6. Tell Sir when you're going to eat. Permission must be given for sweets and alcohol; fed and watered littles are happy littles.
  7. You must ask to go on tumblr, and ask to post things regarding Sir; I need to make sure you're safe everywhere, including online.
  8. NSFW: You must ask to touch your princess parts, and ask again to cum.
  9. You must ask to shower/have a bath. While there, you are only allowed to touch your princess parts for washing and shaving. Clean shaven princess parts are much preferred.

These are the rules I've been following for over a year now. Some of them only applied to certain days when we started our relationship, and the clothes rule still does.

Writing them all out has made me think we may need to refresh a few of these! I hope it was interesting for you x

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I'm probably the one you saw posting the ruleset I have. But for the sake of adding it to a place where everyone can share theirs in one thread, here they are again:


What I will do for Daddy:
1.    I will get excited when daddy gets home or wakes up.
2.    I will wake Daddy up nicely and in a good mood. And more than likely excited. Sometimes with sexy time.
3.    I will make Daddy tea and food if I feel up to it. (Please don't get mad at me if I don't feel up to it.)
4.    I will listen to Daddy's rules. Please make them reasonable.
5.    I will help Daddy with chores and bathies and showers. I just can't do it all though.
6.    I will spend time apart from Daddy.
7.    I will always call you Daddy when I am alone with you.
8.    I will respect and trust you whole heartedly.
9.    I will give Daddy wonderful sexy time. I love giving making him feel very good.
10.    I will love Daddy and give him gifts.
11.    I will dress up pretty for you, if you want.


Also, this is what Daddy is to do for me:



What Daddy should do for his little Prince/Princess.
1.    Help me brush my hair.
2.    Help me pick out clothes and food.
3.    Make me food sometimes, because I do for you ^_^
4.    Take bathies with me sometimes, and showers with me most of the time.
5.    Hold my hand.
6.    Call me my preferred words: little, princess, prince, fairy, etc. And use the right pronouns. Ask if you're confused!
7.    Give me treats when I'm good.
        -Kissies and huggies
        -Bednight stories
        -Anything to make me smile
     8.      Punish me when I'm bad
        -Spankings (but please don't rack up the number, do them as soon as I'm bad)
        -Sentences (like "I'm sorry I drank all the tea," for example, 20 times or so)
    9.      Praise me when I do good. No matter how small the good thing is.
    10.    Leave me little surprise notes or send me nice little texts when I'm gone.
    11.    Don't make threats. Punish me if I'm bad, but don't take away things or hurt me         
              because you're mad.
    12.    Always do bed night.
    13.    Never lose your temper because your day is going bad. I'm truly sorry it's bad, but I do
              what I can to help Daddy. I'm very sensitive when I'm in little space and I will cry.
    14.    Please take of boo-boos. Clean and kiss them.
    15.    Help me with chores. Doggy, laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. I do so much to help
              Daddy, so please help me too.
    16.     Let me lay on you and sit on you. :>
    17.     Always treat me with respect. To be your little is a great sign of trust. I respect you and
               let myself be vulnerable and sensitive around you. Don't treat that lightly.
    18.     If I'm sad I like hugs and kisses and pets and nice words. Please calm me down nicely
              and cheer me up.
    19.     Littles need to know they are loved, always.
    20.     Always be honest with me.
    21.     Littles need lots of sleep, please let me sleep when I'm tireddddd.
    22.     Always ask little how they are feeling.
    23.     Respect me sexually and spend time with me after sexy time.
    24.     Us time is important. And it happens every day. And no phones, laptops, or gaming
               systems are to interfer, ever.
    25.     If I'm being a brat, I want attention.
    26.     I wanna have fun when we have alone time. Please allow me to do what I want.
    27.     Don't ever break promises, ever.



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You made the comment "maybe for those looking for ideas"


I am very compulsive and sometimes I am really bad about spending money daddy and I dont really have, so I asked for a rule to be added about asking daddy before I spend any money.


You can always ask for rules if you feel you want a little more structure in your relationship. Daddies are always willing to help. Haha


My other rules are:


Locking my car and making sure my purse in inside our house.

Eating during the day

Talking my medicine

I have a bedtime and a nap time (nap time only on Saturdays) Right now I have 27 minutes. :)



That's all I can think if right now.


My rules make me feel safe and cared for.

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My current "beginner" rule list with Tori, as per our contract, is as follows:


2 are sexually explicit, just FYI.



Joint Rules

1) At social kink events, negotiated scenes between Daddy/Little One and others will be allowed so far as the intimacy remains within the scene. Intimacy outside of scenes is to only be engaged after discussions between Daddy and Little One.

2) Little One will be put to bed by Midnight. In order to ensure that this is met, Daddy will assist with homework and make sure that He is getting her ready for bed. Little One must be asleep by 1 AM at the latest.

3) Safe Words are to be followed strictly. "Red" being that play stops immediately for both parties no matter what. "Yellow" being that play will pause or slow down momentarily and be negotiated. "Green" being that play can be continued or that consent is given. There will be no negotiations after a "Red" is called, as "Red" will be an indicator that limits have been crossed.


Little One's Rules

1) Unless otherwise discussed, Little One will attend every class without fail on time, every time.

2) There is no reason for Little One's homework to not be submitted. If help is needed, Little One will ask and receive help from Daddy. Little One will write her homework assignments down in her planner whenever a new assignment is created in order to keep up to date.

3) During playtime, Little One must get explicit permission to cum and must announce when she is doing so.

4) If Little One wants to touch herself or use a toy outside of playtime, she must gain permission to do so.

5) Little One will place her trust and well-being in her Daddy in that He will control her for His own pleasure and service but will not abuse that trust and well-being.

6) Little One will follow the orders given to her by Daddy and will speak up if there is any difficulty in following them.

7) Little One will not lie, disguise, or conceal anything of importance from Daddy, as she trusts that He will take care of her.

8) Little One accepts that corrections and punishments are intended for her own good and will take them as a part of serving her Daddy.


Daddy's Rules

1) Daddy affirms that He accepts the trust and well-being given by his Little One. He will cherish this trust and well-being and craft it to make her into a better person in both heart and mind.

2) Daddy affirms that on all levels outside of the Dom-sub relationship he and his Little One share, T/they are equals. Within the time that T/their relationship exists, He will be the superior of his Little One.

3) Daddy will not lie, disguise, or conceal anything of importance from his Little One, as He trusts that she will take care of him. Little One is His closest friend and He must respect that.

4) Daddy will craft his Little One to serve Him better, and not break or abuse her in a non-consenting way.


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Well Daddy doesn't have many rules, just ones we know ourselves and aren't exactly written down. But I have a few!

1. No touching in public, unless told to do so.
2. Do as you're told.
3. When Daddy says no, he means no.
4. Swallow with a smile (I'm sure this one is his favorite).
5. No horseplaying, such as tickling, in public.
6. Try not to get too wild when there is company.
7. Be respectful
8. Address me as Daddy when we are home together (unless in obvious situations).
9. Always try your hardest.
10. Don't complain when Daddy tells you that you can't do something. 

I don't need ones for school because Daddy already knows I do very well in school. Also, as you can tell, I like touching Daddy a lot and I do it in public. 

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Mine are: 


1. I am beautiful, and I will not say otherwise

2. Daddy Pete is Baby Girl's only Daddy

3. 10PM is bedtime, 11PM on weekends. Unless Daddy says otherwise.

4. Baby Girl is to respect her Daddy at all times

5. When colouring and doing art activities, she must  always ask Daddy to do her cutting, sharpen pencils etc ALWAYS

6. When Baby Girl wants to stop being "big" in the real world, she can ask her Daddy for "Little Time"

7. Baby Girl is free to speak her mind and offer suggestions to her Daddy any time without fear of punishments. BUT NO WHINING OR USING PESTER POWER WILL BE ALLOWED EVER.

8. Follow your daily guide every day

9. If you want something, ask politely. If Daddy says no, don't pout or contest it.

10. Baby Girl must always say good morning and goodnight to Daddy

11. Daddy will punish for any rule breaking

12. Daddy will reward Baby Girl for following her rules.

13. Treats are extra, do not assume

14. Give Daddy lots and lots of kisses, hugs and cuddles.

15. Always try to dress nice for Daddy

16. Always tell Daddy the truth

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Loving everyone's rule lists! i want one too so super bad! Sending Daddy a link to this post to get ideas for me!!! YAY!  :wub: 

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We changed my rules recently to reflect more structure for my little side, I'll ask later if I'm allowed to post the edited version~
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We always go to wash or sleep together.

I must write to him when I can't sleep or something bad happens (anything hurts etc)

I must eat 1500 kcal per day (I was proana)

I can't tell anybody that Daddy is actually Daddy. 

I must go to doctor, dentist etc regularry (nooooo! ;_;)

I can't drink coffee.

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wow!!! some of you have really strict rules about things like bedtime!!!! :o I have so much respect to people who can follow that!


Daddy and I don't really have rules, but I would like some and am just a little scared to ask... this is his first Ds or DDlg relationship and I don't want to freak him out..

the only rule we had before was that I wouldn't come when we're not playing together, but since he's been on medication his sex drive is all over the place so we've been ignoring that one a bit. Hopefully when we live together (we're hoping to move in a month or two after graduation!!) we'll have more structure and we can have some more concrete rules.


Do any of you have suggestions as to how I could broach the topic with him? I'm definitely taking suggestions from the rules you guys have when we do discuss it :)


(sorry if this counts as off topic, if it does please let me know and I'll delete)

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You can just say that... you know, every happy house need some rules, right~?

So maybe he should think about it a little bit~? ^-^


My Daddy made them before we knew that something like DDlg actually exists. XDDDDD

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I actually didn't have rules to start...but Daddy mentioned he doesn't like swearing, so I stopped. And he would ask me to go to bed, though it wasn't written I had to. I asked him for rules and we put those things down on paper along with some others :)
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We don't really have written down our rules, but we have an ark of paper with the following rules that Daddy wrote down after a very tiring week (in my defense, I was sick and full with antibiotics... and bored).

  1. Princess is always to ask for permission before eating cookies or any other sweets. (I cleared the stash.) 
  2. Princess is to obey all orders when playing with others, even those not by Daddy or take the punishment in silence. ( I didn't want a babysitter.) 
  3. Princess is not to cut her stuffies hair alone and without supervision. (My Barbies needed a fresh style and I cut my finger) 
  4. Princess is not to maneuver the stove or oven alone and without supervision. ( I wanted cookies and I burnt my hand) 
  5. Princess is not to climb the furniture alone and without supervision. ( I wanted to reach the cookies Daddy bought after I failed baking my own) 
  6. Princess is not to leave Daddy's sight without clearing it with him first. (I walked off to find a place to sit when Daddy was buying said cookies)
  7. Princess is not to take out the batteries out of Daddy's alarm because she doesn't want him to go to his job. ( I was feeling lonely.)  
  8. Princess is not to refer to her Daddy's job as stupid. (He asked why I did it.) 


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we just made our rules yesterday :)


1. Baby will always respect Daddy and Daddy will lways respect Baby.

2. Baby will always thank Daddy for good 'sexy times'.

3. Baby's bedtime is midnight on weekdays and 2am on weekends. These can be changed with Daddy's permission on special occasions.

4. Baby will not swear around Daddy. <---- (I've already been punished for this 4 times today :angry: )

5. Baby must be polite at all times and use her words.

6. Baby will not touch herself or cum without Daddy's permission.

7. Baby will always call Daddy by his proper title when not around friends/family

8. Baby must always take her pill on time (Daddy will remind her).

9. Baby musn't be nervous to tell Daddy what she wants, sexually or otherwise.

10. Baby must always keep Daddy up to date on how she's feeling.

11. Baby must hold Daddy's hand when crossing the street or doing anything where she could fall or hurt herself. Baby must be ESPECIALLY careful doing these when Daddy isn't around.

12. Daddy must approve all outfits and will make changes as necessary.

13. Daddy will be strict with his punishments. Baby must take everything seriously.

14. Baby will accept her punishments and not challenge Daddy.

15. Daddy will always provide aftercare for both punishment and 'sexy times'.

16. Baby will trust Daddy's judgement.


i must admit they're pretty hard for me to follow at the moment. i am only very litte and need a lot of training. wish me luck!

stay safe fellow littles :wub:

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Papa bear would probably say that I don't have any rules but in truth, there are many I do have.  :p I think papa bear just doesn't like to come off as too much of a disciplinarian or to break spontaneity by setting something in stone. I'm also very self-disciplined so I don't particularly misbehave and would not wish to deviate from what makes us both happy. However, I would say these are the unspoken and occasionally spoken rules between us.


1.) Baby isn't allowed to ride her bike around the neighborhood without papa bear.

2.) Neither of us is allowed to sleep without the other or to be wandering around the house while the other is in bed.

3.) Baby has to behave when studying for Math.

4.) Baby doesn't have to say sorry all the time when making a mistake.

5.) Baby must eat and is to follow her baby diet.

6.) Baby isn't supposed to talk to strangers.

7.) Baby is to ask permission before making a purchase that exceeds twenty dollars.

8.) Baby is to let papa bear undress her every night.

9.) Baby is to eat dinner with the papa bear every evening.

10.) Baby is to wake up with the papa bear every morning. 

11.) Baby is to let papa bear take the lead in sexual matters. 

12.) Baby must always tell papa bear what's wrong and how she feels.

13.) Baby must hold papa bear's hand when crossing the street.

14.) Baby must not wander around at night alone. 

15.) If baby has to walk to class late at night, she needs to tell papa bear when she arrives.

16.) Baby must not wear inappropriate clothes that are too suggestive or revealing whether she's with papa bear or not. (This is the only one I am always in trouble for.) 

17.) Papa bear doesn't like to say no, but if he does, he means it. 

18.) Baby is to always tell papa bear the truth. 

19.) Baby isn't allowed to ever stop loving the papa bear. 

20.) Baby will always come with the papa bear when possible when he's pursuing his coining hobby.

21.) Baby will ask permission before posting any photos or anything else on the internet.


Aside from these, early on in our relationship papa bear sent me a message that contained quite possibly the best advice, and most effective set of rules every established for a relationship:


"Don't stop loving me. Don't let the little things I do irritate and fester. Don't let me become boring to you. Do brood over me." 

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  • 2 months later...

We're kinda still feeling things out but we've set some basic rules:

1. Princess will not touch princess parts without permission.

2. Princess will eat three meals a day everyday.

3. Princess will do whatever chores daddy gives her for the day.

4. Princess will not be a brat.

5. Daddy will not grab princess neck under any circumstance.

6. Daddy is princesses only daddy.

7. Princess will be in bed by 10:20 on week days (oops lol) and 11:30 on weekends.

8. Princess has to go running every morning.

9. Princess will not touch daddy's belly button, ever.

10. Daddy will bathe princess, order princesses food when out to eat, and will feed princess when at home.

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Okay so daddy and I come from a traditional bdsm background. And that's the dynamic we both like the most. Ddlg is for me to feel safe and pampered and to let the stress melt off.

Some of our rules are NSFW



× I am Master's most precious property I will not feel like any less of a person because I am owned


× remember Daddy loves you lots and lots!!!!


× Master owns me. I answer to him, what he says goes before anyone else.


× no whining or pouting or being disrespectful. There are better ways to share my opinion.


× I must address Master properly when in role


× I am to gain awareness, or correct my action when master snaps. (Sometimes I'm in subspace too deep and I wouldn't know I'd I was indanger/to use our safe word)


× I should try my best to not be greedy. I earn pleasure from Master ( this one is hard especially when little)


× no saying sorry for things that aren't my fault or for TINY mistakes


× be a big girl in public (at school, especially in class, paying attention is important) try to not be too little if little space hits


× try to exit little space if master shows me that I am there at an inappropriate time


× bedtime is 10PM during the school year. And 11PM during the summer. If I wanna be up just ask.


× always ask permission to touch myself or to do anything that makes me feel good (sexually ), and separately to cum if Master and I are together he may tell me to do something else (tell him I am cuming or tell him when I am on the edge) unless he says so I am to ask Master like normal. ( most of the time when we have play time Daddy will tell me I can cum as much as I want)


× I must ask permission to watch porn look at hentai or read anything erotic


x I must wear panties unless in pajamas at home


x I must keep Master's cunt shaven clean


×try to not wiggle


×no drawing on my skin


× try to make Master happy if he is not, if there is nothing I can do I should be happy. Master enjoys it when I am happy


× try to be happy. Love yourself. Go to therapy. Try to not be hard on yourself about how you look Try to be healthier. Master likes it when I do all of these things


× our safe word is "red" this stops everything and master and I will talk about why the safe word was used in a vanilla way


× punishment is so I can learn. I should think about what I did but not be hard on myself.


X " Yes. No hurting yourself ever. No matter how mad you get." If I get angry I can't hit myself or anything that might hurt me. (The part in quotes is a text. Sometimes I have temper tantrums)


× I should tell Master if I broke a rule and he doesn't know about it. Always be honest

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So, months after I said I'd post these:

1. School is very important; you must go every day you have lessons

2. Homework must be put onto the app list (tell Sir my homework and due dates so he can set me which tasks to complete when)

· An hour of studying to be done before dinner

3. Bedtime is when Sir says, with your routine being;

· Getting a sippie of water to take to bed

· Going and doing your teeth and removing makeup

· Brushing out your hair

· Having at least five minutes with your thumb or paci

· Then stuffie cuddles and off to sleep

4. Roads are very dangerous places, with Sir you must hold his hand and wait to be lead across. All other times stop check both ways twice then cross carefully.

5. Tell Sir what you’ve eaten each day, fed and watered littles are happy littles

· Permissions must be given for sweets, fizzy and alcohol

6. You must ask to touch your princess parts and again to cum

6.1. In the mornings you may play with your princess parts and cum once before I send a good morning text.

7. You must ask to shower/have a bath. While there you are only allowed to touch your princess parts for washing and shaving. Clean shaven princess parts are much preferred.

8. If you’d like Sir to set you a budget for something I will do, you should try to spend as close to the limit as possible for most enjoyment.

9. Your collar must be worn during waking hours, if it isn’t possible to wear your collar then your bracelet must be worn.

10. Sir will choose your outfits on the allotted days, in your bedtime routine leave time to take photos for me to choose from. And each morning send a description of what you’re wearing.

11. Last but not least. No swearing; Princesses have no need for vulgar words.

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After reading all of the rules above, I feel like the ones set for me are pretty simple. I don't have any NSFW rules or any rules about my collars hmm.


✿ I will write a journal entry each day, no matter the length.

✿ I will eat at least 3 meals a day and any snacks as needed.

(posting a food diary is optional; I will tell Mistress what I eat)

✿ I will ask before kissing or touching in public (no PDA) unless Mistress says so.

✿ I will let Mistress know when I am leaving home including where I am going and who I am going with.

✿ During work days, I will be home by 11:00P and be in bed (and ready to sleep) by 11:30P.

✿ During non-work days, I will be home by 11:30P and be in bed (and ready to sleep) by 1:00A.

✿ If I feel the need to have more rules or adjustments to them, I will ask Mistress who will make the final decisions.


Is there a thread about punishments similar to this?

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest MyDaddyMyWorld

Don't have many.

I must show respect to daddy. Even if I have something I need to clear up or get off my chest, I must always do it in a respectful manner.

I must always be polite, and not only to daddy, but to others too. The only time this does not apply is when someone is being an arse (daddy's words not mine)

I need to be open and honest.

When walking with daddy, I am at his right side. This is just built in now. I very rarely go to the wrong side without thinking. But once or twice I have, and he just stops and looks at me with that "are we forgetting something?" look, and I quickly swap sides.

Daddy is in charge. Always.

I must do my two daily tasks (send at least one picture, and write a journal entry and email it to him) and any others he sets me at any time.

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