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help introducing daddy to my little self

Guest sour.angel

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Guest sour.angel
Hi, my daddy and I have been together a long time & have the bestest relationship but I need some advice/help from fellow Littles! he is a very shy Daddy and I'm not sure how to help him step out of his comfort zone without making him feel uncomfy or rushed! I want to bring up little space & show him my little self, ask him to get me a pacifier & sippy cups, etc. but I'm rather shy too! we are great at communication & honesty & I trust him to always be open minded but idk how to start the convo!! I feel like I should take it slow, show him articles maybe? explain what little space & being little means to me... we focus more on the kinky side of ddlg which I love too! but I've been wanting to introduce him to ageplay & myself in little space. advice/help would be much appreciated :)
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I have found the best thing to be honesty. I have been with my wife for seven years and known her much longer than that. She knew of my desire to wear diapers before we were married and I have gradually become more comfortable wearing around her. She too has become more comfortable. The little aspects are new to me, but I brought up a little outfit to her a few days ago and was surprised how supportive she was of it.  


I suppose my advice would be to be yourself and be open with him. You are doing both of yourselves a disservice by not telling him your desires. A disservice to him by not trusting and giving him the chance to make you happy and a disservice to yourself by keeping what you want bottled up. He may not be willing to do everything, but that may change over time if he is aware of your interests. Either way a conversation will remove the doubt and help ease the shyness we all seem to feel around being little.


P.S. several small conversations also work easing him into the many details. Good Luck.

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