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Maintaining Balance


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    I have been thinking about the topic of balance with my little side a lot lately. Finding the right balance of adult / little is an ongoing process but one which has helped me considerably over time. There are many things which I always do and could be considered full time littles activities, but there are also many others which I only need occasionally. If i do them too often i get burnt out but if I don't do them then i get anxious and can't stop thinking about them. What do each of you do to maintain a balance in your lives? How often are you a full on little? Are there some activities you do individually, if so how often do you need to do them to maintain balance?


All the time activities for me

* Sleep with teddy bears (I call all stuffies teddy bears mine is a stuffed Ape).

* cuddles with Wifey.

Full on little

 * Diapers, Clothing, Pacifier, cartoons etc. I need to do this once every one to two months to keep in balance.


Individual activites

*Diapers:    Two to three days every two weeks. 

* pacifier:    I don't need this but do it every work trip. 

*clothing poobear shortalls:   I just got these but have been wearing them about once a week since I got them.

*online stories a few stories every few weeks.

*online forums and chat:    not needed but helps keep other needs in balance. 


It took me a long time to learn that the best way to control my urges was to indulge in them in a balanced way. If i don't they can have an affect on my whole life. Let us know if you have any tricks to maintain your balance and if you are willing how often you need to engage in specific interests. 

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Me and my daddy are 24/7, so I'm always little-I just maintain functionality as well, I have two jobs (one both me and daddy work at, and we often have shifts together) as well as being collared permanently. I just am myself despite the surroundings and it works out just fine.
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Thank you for replying Daddy's Prince. That is really cool that your relationship has developed into a full time DDLB relationship. There are definitely some things that I always do, but others I simply would not want full time. 


Do you ever get frustrated with being 24/7 or is your balance in just maintaining functionality while little?

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I've never had any problems with balancing my Little Space with my adult time.


When I go to work (5 or 8 hour shifts) im fully adult because it's not a place where I would ever feel Little.


When I'm not working I go in and out of Little space at random times. Just kind of part of my personality.


I never get anxious when I dont do specific activities. If I want to color, I color. If I want to watch an adult tv show, I watch it. There are no activities or schedule I keep track of in order to make sure I'm doing the same amount of adult things as I am Little things.

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