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Diaper lover rant


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Hi for those of you who don't know me I'm slippery baby and a little. I use that term loosely because honestly? I'm not that little,


I'm really in my twenties but have the attitude of a teenage, and the potty skills of a two year old lol. I am an avid diaper wearer...so what, who cares. I wear them as often as I can and use them just as much. But that doesn't make me odd or different and I'm tired of being ashamed


. Do I want someone to hold my hand when I'm scared, tuck me into bed and yes change my diaper when I need it? Absolutely. But I also want someone who will make me a better person, challenge my view points, share exciting moments with me and yes of course play with my kitty.


I think that sometimes we often get pigeonholed into these certain labels but that's not fair. Just because I have a full saggy diaper (current predicament lol) doesn't mean I'm not a kick ass business woman. Some women might come home from a long day of work and want a big bottle of wine and a bubble bath, and me? Well I'd take the bubble bath as long as my toys are allowed and it ends with a fresh clean diaper.


So don't be ashamed if you don't fit in one category. So what! Who cares! Wear your diaper proudly, after all it sure makes my ass look awesome at work ;)


Okay...endless rant over, this girl needs a new diaper and a little extra kitty time hehe..




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Guest Mittens

Good message! I feel that no one should label you or shut you down just because of a preference you have. My friend came out enough and trusted me enough to tell me he was ABDL and I didn't judge him. I only supported him. Keep at it, you will get all you need and want in live as long as you strive for it

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Well said, l must say. I think You really nailed with a certain kind of verve. I think it's amazing that your Not as ashamed - and why should You be. Regardless of the fact, you posted on a Kink forum.. It still takes a fair bit of courage to share - so more Power to You. Guess it would be grand getting to know You.
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