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What rules does daddy have for you?


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Hi my daddy and I have recently discovered ddlg and are getting into it. I've called him daddy for a while and he's always been very protective and will discipline me when I miss behave.


I was wondering what your rules are so my daddy and I have some ideas when we make our rule list. Thanks :)

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spooky posted a really good topic on rules/punishment 


i don't have too many rules myself, but the ones i do have deal with my work, helping me with my issues of self worth and just some that is for having a better relationship (ie hiding nothing from daddy)


it's all based on what you guys think will help you grow and become better as a whole and as a couple

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Kitten rules
1) tell mommy if you are uncomfortable doing something
2) tell mommy to do something you don't have to miss behave to get what you want and you don't need to pout
3) No cutting
4)you will be respectful and polite in public
5) unless for good reason if I ask you a yes or no question I want a yes or no answer
6) you will be honest with me and you will not hide anything unless it is a gift, surprise, etc.
7) when in little mode you will not swear at all unless in playing...
8) don't spend money blindly for mommy unless for a holiday or approved by mommy
9) nobody is allowed to pull your collar unless it is approved by mommy before hand
10) no playing with other people unless approved by mommy beforehand
11)no cutting
12) no drinking unless a holiday or told otherwise by mommy
13) no drugs and thats including purposely overdosing, weed, etc..
14) kitten will tell mommy if kitten wants to play
15) kitten will not talk back and will listen unless what mommy has requested is out of line and/or kitten has a good reason not to do the request

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