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So, very short back story: I got evicted, moved pack into my Mommas house, I have no actual bedroom, just a section of the family room that is also split with my older brother, and my sister is moving back in as well(in 2 weeks). I have zero privacy && my family doesn't know about my Little Space.


I haven't been able to go into Little Space for over 2 weeks & I really need to be Little.

:unsure: What are some Little things I can do?

:unsure: Things that my family won't question or find odd?

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coloring books and painting

jigsaw puzzles

video games

Disney movies marathons are even for adults!!! well, at least I think so :)

Make wish lists on Amazon for little stuff you want to get in the future

eating cookies and milk or little cut up fruits and veggies

bubble baths with rubber duckies!


I hope your situation gets more comfortable soon! Good luck :*

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I have this post that I wrote! I also provided a couple of other links in this post to different topics that could help! All of these things are about being little discreetly in public, which I think could help with your situation!




Also: don't be afraid to leave the house. Even something as simple as going to a playground and sitting on a swing can bring out your little side! Go outside and pick flowers for someone (I do that for my mom still, and she always thinks it's really sweet). Go for a walk or bike ride and sing Disney songs all for yourself!


Good luck♥

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Guest Mittens

Yeah, you can also make a lunch and then go for a walk somewhere and have a picnic with your stuffies or pretend you are there with your daddy (or if you don't have one pretend you have one). And have tea parties outside somewhere. For indoor activities, you can always try online stuff and going into the chat. As long as people dont' read what you are writing you can easily get into littlespace especially from other littles.

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