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  1. Hey guys! So I've noticed a lot of threads mentioning problems getting into little space so I decided to make a sticky for a list of things that make you feel little. 1. Wearing cute undies 2. Having my hair brushed/washed/played with 3. Coloring books 4. Cute games; such as: Orisinal, Webkinz, Neopets 5. My paci 6. STUFFIES! Like tons of them 7. Baking or cooking with Daddy 8. Playgrounds 9. KINETIC SAND (Seriously the best thing invented) 10. Studio Ghibli movies 11. Comic books 12. FORTS! 13. Glitter bombs 14. Candy (I mean, duh?!) 15. Being read to Please feel free to add on to this list- the more the merrier! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿
  2. So, I am a single Little, so whenever I wanna be pampered, no one is around to apply stuff on me so I have to do it myself. Which I don't mind. But, when I'm little and wanna take care of myself, the only thinks I can think of is baby shampoo, baby body wash, baby oil, and baby lotion. And there is baby powder and even baby cologne (by Johnson's) too. Essentially, the only "little" skincare/bath stuff I can think of is Johnsons and baby magic. And Aveeno for babies. Basically all baby type stuff. But, what about other stuff? As an adult, I need more than just baby soap and baby lotions and baby oil and stuff. So, what do littles use for other skincare? And, I don't just mean the normal stuff that you use. I mean stuff that still gives off a "little vibe". Like I want all my skincare to be lowkey littlefied! Any ideas?
  3. Hey guys ! Looking for effective, quality apparel , shoes, & accessories for littles / middles . 🙂 🤭🫧🍭
  4. littleoneaesjorna

    Littles & Daddies in Jamaica

    A place where littles, cgs, daddies, and mommies who live in Jamaica can get to know each other.
  5. does the delta 8 help with going into little space so i was wondering if it would help going in littlespace.
  6. Little_Ghoul

    How do you treat yourself?

    So I got called into jury duty during one of the most challenging moments in my life. In order to stay some what sane during this time I'm try to put together a list of ways I can destress and treat myself. What to you do to spoil yourself after a hard long week? What do you like to do for self care?
  7. Sometimes i find myself going to little space and sometimes into middle space i was wondering if i was the only one that bounces between them.
  8. LeftyGuitar

    ABDL Limit Potential Partners?

    Hello all, I was wondering does anyone thing that being ABDL limits your chances of finding someone? I know its probably one of the lesser known fetishes. Also, probably not as understood as some might say more established fetishes.
  9. Hey, I just had an experience that was quite jarring. I wanted to know if anyone else experienced anything similar or knows how to deal with it. I was intimate with someone, and they did everything right. Deep in subspace, and pretty pleased with what I'd done. A phrase they said during playtime triggered me and I felt that they weren't happy with me, and that I'd made them angry. I instantly (and unconsciously) switched to little space and couldn't speak at all. They were very concerned and helped me calm down, instantly stopping what we were doing and put me to sleep. This has never happened to me before, I've always consciously switched between the two headspaces. I felt more vulnerable than I'd ever before and was basically a mess. It took me hours after waking up to work through my feelings and figure out what might've triggered me. It wasn't anything that had bothered me before. This is also seeping into regular life where if I get too emotional or feel vulnerable, I just stop talking and at times regress. Lately, I've been a tad bit emotional because of some stress, but not sure if that has anything to do with the same. I'm not sure what this post is supposed to be, but just looking to see if anyone's experienced this before. Or knows a way to navigate something similar.
  10. hi! Nothing very important Five minutes ago I was on the Little Space forum and I saw a caregiver answering a question… I was surprised because, as I said, I was on the Little Space forum. I have nothing against it, it just made me think how I could never try to click into the Caregiver Cafe, which made me happy because it made me feel smol, like ... it's a big people's place where I'm not allowed go in because I'm too small for that. idk, I just wanted to share this happy moment.
  11. sunflowerxprincess

    Scared I’m too much or weird

    I’m always scared that I’m too weird and not enough. I don’t feel like I can get into little space easily. It’s hard especially if I’m by myself. I do love stuffies, my paci, coloring books. I’ve always wanted a Daddy who’s okay with cooking for me and giving me food on cute princess plates and I want sippy cups. I want to be able to wear cute dresses and do my hair and feel pretty. I honestly want my Daddy to be okay with me wearing diapees. It’s embarrassing but I do have issues with holding it sometimes, so I pee myself every once in a while but not often. I just like diapers because it makes me feel safer. But I want Daddy to tell me it’s okay if I do have an accident and even help me clean up or change me. But I only want daddy’s help if I pee or if it’s my big girl time of the month. No other stuff, that’s embarrassing. I feel like I want too much. I feel like I’m not enough because I do like sex but I’ve had a lot of bad experiences so I just get scared about sex sometimes. Not really sure I’ll ever find someone.
  12. Guest


    Hewwo There! My name is Lavender! I've been a little/age regressor for about 2 years now and I'm finally coming back to hopefully meet new friends here! When I'm little my favorite things to do are; baby talk, watch anime, cuddle my stuffies, play games, color in my books and doodle on my tablet, it's a good way to keep my mind off of all the big things I have to deal with during the day! I'm really looking for any kind of friend that understand age regression and DDLG since I don't have a lot of people that really understand it and it makes me feel a bit lonely at times. I would love to hear from everyone, I'm sure we'll all get along great! Thank you for reading! -Lavender
  13. ~Littles during their period and using diapers~ I figured this was a thought I had in mind I've never see people talk about yet! Littles with their period, no matter their gender and caregivers can share their experience if they want and give tips to each other and maybe give me an answer or chat about this topic! So I know some of us like using diapers or seeing their little in diapers. Some use them to feel little and some others also use their utility. But What about when you're on your period? Do you still wear diapers? What if you're a little that uses them without using their functionality but leave a mess/stain inside? And what about littles who also do stuff inside their diapers while being on their period. How were your experiences so far? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Doesn't it remind you more of your physical age and kind of ruin your little space? Do the blood stains go through and stain the onesie if you wear it with a onesie? What about you caregivers? If your duty is for example changing the diapers of your little, do you have to be extra careful or do it as double as often because of the stains? Does it make your little less valuable or does it make them uncomfortable or shy? What are your guys experiences about the smell, do you smell it? I don't wear often diapers, I just own a pack of pull ups but they're super duper comfy! My problem is just that sometimes while on my period I feel even more the urge to get into little space, but end up so many times staining my onesies, which gets quite frustrating... Even if I wear panties under my onesies and a tampon or pads. And that get's me that frustrated because I love my onesies and am attached to them and get immediately adult thoughts once they're dirty like ''I have to clean them up'', or think too much about how to fix it asap, which ruins my little space. But due the hormonal change and stress I need to be more a little to relax and have some fun, so it's really difficult for me... That's why I though about the diapers, they could be like xxl pads and like that my onesies stay clean, but maybe seeing the red colour inside would again ruin my little space because it would remind me that I'm an adult since littles don't bleed... I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences about that topic! Maybe if I read some more about it I can make up a decision if I should try it during my period soo I can be in little space and use my onesies without staining them or better not! Thanks for reading, greetings, puppy
  14. maya_bbg

    DDlg and Mental health

    so I've had this--I guess you can call it a topic since I'm writing it on this section of the forum...I've had this topic on my mind for a while. I've come to realize and quite recently as well, that ddlg and everything that it is really helped me a lot mentally, which of course prompted me to write about it and see who else out there can say the same~ for me, i struggle a lot with issues of control and ddlg allows me to have the best of both worlds. I get to be in control (a little/sub holds as much power as the dom) but on the other hand the full reign of control is given to my dom and that brings me so much peace and clarity. I get to exist in a space where that struggle is no more. I also struggle with trust and intimacy and I've found from the short (yet insightful) last ddlg relationship of mine, that I come to be more open and forthcoming when I am allowed to be a little as well as just me. I now find that trying to 'date' others outside the community is difficult and often leads to the triggering of these issues but when I'm with someone who understands my needs and in turn knows that they work well with theirs, trust and intimacy come easier to me (ofc such things still take time to be established, I'm simply saying it's easier when with a dom) Also from the same relationship, I've learned that my anxiety and panic attacks are easily soothed with proper aftercare and simple acts like telling my dom i wanna hear their voice at 4 am and have them call me (I used to text my last dom 'tell me not to cry' and he'd text back 'don't cry, babygirl, tell me what's wrong?') because simply my dom telling me not to do something, makes me immediately want to stop doing it (that may change in other contexts tho hehe~) I'd love to go on but I would also love to hear about what anyone else has to say about this (and maybe if you can relate to some of the things here~) Thank you for reading this far, lovelies, stay safe!
  15. As a new little I've noticed on this site and in this environment I'm in little space a lot more, probably due to all the daddies and littles around making me feel more comfortable. But when I'm talking to new people, especially daddies, my instinct is to type in the same way I talk when in little space but that seems weird and I get selfconscious that they find it strange yet talking like an adult seems weirder. I was just wondering if anyone else feels this way and how you all talk when you first start getting to know someone on here? Also any tips would be helpful ^.^ x
  16. princessfreckles

    Stress Preventing Little Space

    I haven't been in middle space in well over a year. There are a lot of issues preventing it: stress from the pandemic, life stress, my living situation, lack of a dynamic, not hanging out with other littles irl, and mental health struggles to name a few key reasons. Please tell me I'm not the only one still struggling with this after a year! How have you handled it? Are you still feeling overwhelmed? I thought I was doing well but some personal struggles about a month ago showed me that wasn't the case. Do you have alternative healthy ways to handle stress that don't involve going into little space, since it's clear that's impossible for me at the moment? Thank you for your feedback!
  17. BunnyBeanz

    Problems regressing by myself.

    So, I'm very new to even accepting I'm a little, though I've went pretty hard in fast. I started around... June-ish, maybe a little later 2020 and I've been working on discovering boundaries and things that make me feel care-free and naïve and content. However, a lot of how I do that, is by how my Daddy responds to me, honestly. But I know I shouldn't *always* rely on him to help me regress or aid me with that kind of space. So, for other littles, how do you tend to be able to get yourself there? I was doing very good for a while, but there were somethings that happened recently that made me have to be bother very stressed and very big and that tends to make me have to be "defensive", you know; big and guarded because little space is so vulnerable it's too easy to get hurt in. And now that the big seems to be over, (for now) I'm having trouble enjoying things or regressing right.
  18. Hi everyone, I'm sure this would've been asked before but I thought I'd ask here for advice. I'd like advice from other littles as well as caregivers. I'd like to start by saying I have no problem going into little space by myself. However recently I've noticed finding it difficult to get into little space when skyping with other littles. Little space is something that is very personal and intimate to me (I'm sure that's the same for every little). I've always assumed any difficulties I've had getting into little space with new caregivers is just me shielding myself, especially from strangers or people I didn't fully trust yet. And I'm not too worried about that, it's just who I am and I'm sure it's perfectly normal. However more recently I've struggled to go into little space with people I've known for over 3 years, and been in little space with both online and in person in the past. I'm finding it hard to work out why. Nothing has seemed to change recently (except the pandemic) to cause this. Usually I'd get snuggled under my favourite blanket, surround myself with toys and stuffies and I'd immediately be dragged into little space but that's not working at the moment when I'm interacting with other people. So I was wondering if anyone had some advice on other ways that may help me get over this sudden mental block and into little space. Thank you in advanced.
  19. This is a true story from my old Tumblr blog last Halloween. I thought it was appropriate, and pretty silly, to post again. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------ Sometimes, the little moments in our day are the best. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; I’ve come to genuinely cherish the little things. Stolen kisses in bed before the day comes to claim us. The effortless way the bed seems so alive when I wake up in the October air, nude and heavy from sleep. How my mind feels when I finish a paper, read a good book, play an interesting video game. The butterflies that explode in my stomach when He steals a kiss at my neck from behind when no one is looking. The way a good song makes me feel, moves every part of my soul. The mountains in white, snow-capped and inviting. The rustle of the leaves in the wind on an autumn day. The thrill of someone new. When people tell me how much I mean to them. That moment when I believe. Yesterday was a whirlwind of emotions. My heart broke only to be stitched back together again multiple times. There were a lot of moments I could treasure from yesterday, just like every day, but there were also lots of moments I’d eagerly forget if given the chance. What I want to talk about is simply a slice of my life. A moment in a chaotic storm cloud of feeling and conscious thought. But it was special to me. I don’t know if any of you remember the powerpoint post where I presented Beast with a powerpoint detailing why we should go to a certain place for vacation, because it’s what I used to do when I was a child with my parents. After that day, we’ve informally started doing something we like to call “Daddy Deals”. Basically, I try to make a deal for something to work out in my favor, and while I often get my way, there’s a lot of rebuttal from Beast. This is how the one last night went: Baby: … So I have a Daddy Deal for you. Beast: Oh? Baby: Yes. It’s a very important one. Are you ready? Beast: *heavy sigh* Sure… Baby: If the baby, that’s me, has no more sweets for the rest of the week, she can eat whatever she wants on Halloween. Beast: …. Baby: …. Beast: I have to confer with the Congress. *grabs several stuffed animals and goes under His blanket, whispering loudly.* She always tricks us with stuff like this. She knows you’ll forget when she asks for treats at night, and then she’ll be getting both! Baby: *tries hard not to argue since she can hear everything, kicks feet indignantly* Beast: *a few more moments of muffled whispering* Alright. The Congress has reached a decision. No more treats until Halloween. But! There are two stipulations. Baby: Objection! Beast: Overruled! You must go to the gym Friday, and if you get a tummy ache from the candy on Saturday, I will not be comforting you. Baby: Objection! The Daddy is supposed to keep the Baby safe! So she shouldn’t have a tummy ache. Beast: *raises eyebrow* Then how was this a good Daddy Deal to begin with if I’m going to be limiting your candy intake? Baby: … Foiled again. You’ve got a deal! Yes, sometimes, it’s the little things that leave us giggling and squirming all night long. I sure am grateful for them.
  20. Kitten&Spice

    A Box Of Confessions: Head Space!

    I have recently found that recently I have been discovering my littlespace more then I thought I would. In this “little” journey of mine I have found some bizarre and somewhat strange things to it. There is even embarrassing stories of me unintentionally going into a headspace without even realizing it! Especially at awkward moments. So since I know I am surely not the only one on here that has gone into a headspace without either meaning to or even automatically I thought I could make this post a thread for everyone in the community to talk about the weirdest, craziest, and most embarrassing times that you have shifted into a head space! Rather that is some weird trigger or even something you didn’t realize placed you in the headspace I want to know one that you might not ever tell a single soul! Also for anyone posting I want this to be a safe space for everyone so I don’t want everyone to make any kind of comment towards another user! Please keep everyone comfortable and no judging! ~Anyway I will start things off for everyone! I had a moment in my life where I felt extremely comfortable around someone. She was amazing and I couldn’t help but just relax around her. Although she was never my dom or anything being that we were together I wanted nothing more then to be around her. Fast forward there was a time where I had not seen her for 2 weeks and when I finally saw her I immediately hugged her and wouldn’t let go. And while she was talking with other people for some reason when she motioned me over I immediately rubbed my head underneath her hand. And she even had to walks away cause out of instinct I grabbed her hand and made her pat and rub my head without even realizing I did it! It was super embarrassing and I couldn’t believe I did that in front of other people but it just happened! Anyway I hope everyone enjoys this idea! Have fun and enjoy confessing!
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