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Hi hi, so for the past month or so I have not really gone into littlespace unless im on the phone with my daddy. Since I have a strange situation we only talk on Wednesday nights and every other weekend. When we are on the phone im am very happily in littlespace but as soon as we end the call, I just lose my littlespace. If anybody has any ideas as to help me get into littlespace when im not on the phone with my daddy, any advice would be much appreciated <3
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What I like to do when I want to get into little space is: Colour, watch Disney movies, dress up, play little games *online ones*, etc. The one that really gets me into my little space is the Disney movies; they're so great and cute, I love them! I hope this was of some help!!!

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Guest StonerBaby
I wear my little clothes as often as I can and sometimes I won't even be in little space but start to want my paci or sippy cup and soon as I have one of those I'm fully little .. little space is always more happy with Daddy but that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy little space without him..its good for you to get to know your little self during alone time..maybe your feeling a bit guilty about enjoying it when he's not around but he would be happy and proud to know his little girl is learning more about herself
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Oh oh I know this one!!!


If you are like me and doing little stuff on your own doesn't help and you just feel lonely and miss daddy really really bad... then you need to do something FOR him, that way you will be excited next time you talk because you get to show him what you did or if you sent it maybe he will have received it by then.


Another good option is to ask him to give you a list of chores for you to work on that way you are still focusing on pleasing him while he is busy hence you feeling super happy! it will give you something to talk about, you might get praised or punished depending how you did :3

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Guest Princessaj

Distance is a little space killer for certain...


Find a way to record your conversations...or Skype so you can see each other, there are ways to record those too.


You will be able to pop them on to listen anytime you want. Hugs

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