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Little Things - DIYs and more!


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Hi there! ^^


So the past couple weeks there have been several posts I've seen asking how to dress little, or have a little space room. Especially with people who have little to no monies. I have found all of my old favorite videos on youtube, and more. It's a playlist that will keep growing! For now, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdP3rxk1qxM4X4KeYC7AXcAxDV61OSCG0 There is the link! I've mostly included my favorite Youtubers for now, but the list will become more varied soon. I have been crafting for a long long time with lolita/little things. Im definitely not a pro at all. xD However, if you have any questions, I'll do my best to help you, or find someone or a place that can help. ^^ Also, if you have any suggestions to add, comment  below. C:


DIYs included in this playlist-


Clothes- I have included looks for girls and boys, as well as gender-less videos. There aren't as many for male and gender-less, but I will search for more.^^ A lot of these are lolita style, I am looking for other styles to add as well. <3


Clothes include, dresses, shorts,  skirts, rompers, bloomers, panties, bras, blouses, tank tops, 


Variety of style such as punk, sweet, kawaii, Victorian, modern, vintage, etc


Fun activities including crafting, cooking, baking, etc


Inspirational videos including look-books, room tours, closet tours, organization, how to deal with people judging your different style



Decorations for your room/house/little space


‚ÄčAccessories¬†such as hats, jewelry, fake piercings, hair bows, ties, hair ties, chokers, collars, animal ears, bags. purses, socks, etc.


STUFFIESSS and dolls! trust me- these are easier to make than you might think!! Pro tip- for beginners I always suggest sewing with felt. It doesn't fray, and its an easy material to work with! Plus its SUPER cheap so if you mess up, there's no guilt. ^^


Lots of hair and make up tutorials, super cuteee and gothic, as well as more natural


ONSIES, PJS, KIGURUMIS yes you heard me :D

A lot of videos in my playlist are budget-friendly. Ways to change your current wardrobe, or to thrift things and change them how you want. That goes for everything, clothes, crafting, jewelry. Recycling is the best way to achieve cheaper but still cute options!







***If you dont feel up to creating your own things, these videos are fun to watch, and for me- I find them relaxing. ^^










http://orig01.deviantart.net/ed7f/f/2017/200/3/3/bunny_plushie_pixel_by_rinyukaita-dbgybx1.png Thanks, yooh guys! <3

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